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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grey Knights versus Tyranids: Puppy...oh hi there!

So Puppy and I wanted to game. Me to get more Grey Knight practice in and Puppy to see if his thoughts on Grey Knights were true. The game...well you'll see. We did a NOVA/Centurion based mission with Objectives as the primary, Table Quarters as secondary, Kill Points as tertiary and a Spearhead deployment. Lists were the following at 1850:

Libby w/Quick, Might, Shrouding, Sanc
Inq w/3 Servoskulls; Henchmen w/3x MM, Chimera
2x5x Purifiers w/2x psycannons, Psyback
2x10x GKSS, w/2x psycannons, MC hammer, psybolt ammo, Rhino
2x5x GKSS w/psycannon, Psyback
2x Psyflemen

Tyrant w/LW, BS, HVC, OA, Parxoysm, Leech; 2x Guard w/LW
2x3x HG; 2x HG
2x tervigon w/Adrenal, Toxin, Catalyst, Cluster
2x10x Termagants
2x Harpy w/HVC
T-Fex w/Rupture, Cluster

Here's the deployment (and yes we did it on Vassal, bite us).

I took first turn to ensure he couldn’t get catalyst off on his Hive Guard and deployed centrally to move into midfield. Puppy didn’t want to seize so I moved into midfield and unloaded two thirds of my guys and then proceeded to shoot Puppy’s Hive Guard and ended up dropping all but two models. A bunch of Psybacks, Psycannons, Stormbolters (S4 & S5) and Psyfledreads will do that.

We discussed this later but I thought Puppy should of deployed them in more defensive positions (i.e. behind the ruins which BLoS). This at least allows him to get Catalyst off and if I want to move into midfield, gives him the range to do so. At the same time though if he did this I could have focused on a singular flank with my superior movement and played a game of 31” with my Psybacks until I could get enough psycannons/stormbolters into play. As Puppy said, it would have just delayed the inevitable but I think it would of been a better move.

Puppy then moves forward as much as possible but is going to have a hard time damaging me. He spawns about 25 more Termagants and is able to shake a Razorback and kill one Marine. Fortitude erases the shaken and I have another turn of full dakka mode.

I unload some more Grey Knights and block off Puppy’s push in the top of the board and then continue to dakka away. I finish off the Hive Guard (both of his Catalyst attempts failed without Hood intervention...) and then drop both of the Harpies. I put the rest of my firepower into some Termagants and reduce a squad to three strong. 

Puppy moves forward once again and is able to kill a couple more Grey Knights (three this time)but still can’t cause significant damage. Assaulting me would lead to most of the Termagants dead before they can strike thanks to hammerhand and Sanctuary and the Hive Tyrant wasn’t in range yet. 

Another full turn of Dakka...and most of Puppy’s army is gone. I’ve moved in for some assaults and jumped the rest of my guys out and was able to polish off the three strong Termagant squad, the Hive Tyrant + Bodyguard and drag two termagant squads down to tiny numbers in combat. I also dealt three wounds to the bottom Tervigon. We called it here.

This is a prime example of Grey Knights doing all the right things and being able to completely decimate a Tyranid list. I think if the Hive Guard had been hidden and allowed to get Catalyst on them it would have been a different game. Certainly I had the firepower to drop them but I would have been much more careful in my approach to midfield and have looked to use my movement advantage to win me the game. As it was I just had to move forward and ensure my target priority was solid. This was so easy a well because the Hive Guard were such an easy pick first off the bat. There were no other units which could threaten me early. Harpies are shake-lock machines which I'm not fussed about. Tervigons produce fodder which I'm happy to munch on after I deal with threats, same with the Tervigons. The Tyrant is slow. If there had perhaps been Warriors/Raveners on which my Psyflemen really had to shoot at or other units which could threaten me early (the T-Fex could but I could absorb his firepower for his point cost until he got close) then my target priority would have been more difficult. Combine this with Hive Guard which potentially stay alive and I think we would have had a game on our hands though I still think the GK list had the upper hand regardless.

Anyway it was a fun chat with Puppy whilst we played and hopefully we can get some more games in soon to help the Tyranid cause out (try different lists) and get me ready to use GK! Good game mate.

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