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Friday, April 29, 2011

Email in: Grey Knight Termiwing

"Hey Kirby,

My name is Rahaknji, i am from Germany (so excuse my bad english)! I always wanted to play a Termiwing list (composed of a great many Terminators) this urge becam more and more pressing since the new GK Codex came out. So how this Termiwing works? it is composted of 1 or 2 big Units of Terminators wich try, rather than destroy the opponent, to control the movement and abilitys of the enemy force. I don't know if you have heard of this kind of lists, but to explain would take far to long, so i link two german blog articels: / (google translater should give you a good overview of how these lists work) So i tryed an army who have the ability to soak up much of the enemy fire, reduce fast moving enemy units to shreds and dominate the field. But how i can achieve this with GKs? my first idea was a big unit of Palas:

Scriptor, SB, Mc-Halbeards, 2 x Servos, sanctuary, shrouding, might of Titan, Warprift
Grandmaster, Sb, Mc-NPsi-sword, Psychostrokegrenades, Radgranades

10 Palas, 1 x Sword, 4 x Halbeards, 2 x Hammer, 1 x Mc-Halbeards, 1 x staf, 6 x SB, 1 x Mc-SB, 2 x Psibbolter, Apothecarius, Brotherhoodbanner

5 Termis, 1 x Sword, 2 x Halbeards, 1 x hammer, 3 x SB, 1 x Psibbolter
+Justicar, Meisterhafte Nemesis-Halbeards, SB

5 Termis, 1 x Sword, 2 x Halbeards, 1 x Hammer, 3 x SB, 1 x Psibbolter
+Justicar, Meisterhafte Nemesis-Halbeards, SB

= 1850

But i feel like this list will be destroyed by Melta-spam, IG, MassOrks and other kind of lists.
But how to improve it? I can go with 2x10 Termi squads, to have more scoring buddys and a (even) larger impact on the field. I decided to make a list like that:

Scriptor, SB, Mc-Sword, sanctuary, shrouding, might of Titan, Warprift
GM, SB, M-Sword, Rad and Psychostroke nades, defensiv nades, digi-weapons

Techmarine, SB, Energieweapon, 3 x Servo, Rad and Psychostroke nades, defensiv nades

10 Termis, 2 x Sword, 3 x Halbeards, 2 x Hammer, 7 x SB, 2 x Psibbolter, 1 x Staf, Banner, PsiAmmo
+ Justicar, MC Halbeards, SB

10 Termis, 2 x Sword, 3 x Halbeards, 2 x Hammer, 7 x SB, 2 x Psibbolter, 1 x Staf, Banner, PsiAmmo
+ Justicar, MC Halbeards, SB


Again i feel like i am missing something. But what? My scoring became much better and more solid? I hope you can help me.

Kudos Rahakanji"

List 1: too many pallies. List 2: Too much in the characters (Libby, GM, Techie).

List 2 is a much better base in being less of a rock but there are too many points sunk into the characters which are basically just accessing grenades for the Terminators. The grenades rock and make the Termies a lot more potent in combat (particularly with the Libby's buffing spells) but dropping so many points into those models for them isn't cost effective. What you can do instead if simply run an Inquisitor with Grenades in place of the GM and either not run the Techmarine or cut down on some of the points he's using. Personally I'd just go with the Inquisitor.

From there we need to fiddle with the Terminators a bit. You don't really need the Warding Staves so what I'd look at running is two full squads with Psybolt Ammo, 2x Psycannons and a Banner for 495 points each. Grab a couple hammers and the rest as halberds. You don't get the 4++ but you are striking before your opponent and have quite a lot of attacks to deal damage before they hit you. Grab a Xenos Inquisitor to support them with Hammerhand, Rad and Psykotroke grenades and then we need to support the list.

Dreadnoughts are great for ranged support but being the only vehicles in the army will be targeted by most of the anti-tank in your opponent's army so you have to consider if you can take enough tanks to consider them (i.e. 4-5 Dreads). You can do three normal psyfledreads and one venpsyfle or use the points for the Venpsyfle for something else. For now, let's just take two psyfledreads which gives us some options elsewhere with 335 points to play with.

We could grab two MM Ven Dreads or two MSU Psycannon/Psyback GKSS squads. This adds to vehicle saturation with the Dreads giving reliable anti-tank and more combat ability whilst the GKSS squads give more firepower and scoring. With only four psycannons and four autocannons as your anti-tank in the core army more anti-tank is certainly an important consideration (look also to give the Libby Warp Rift and the Inquisitor a combi-melta) so both of these are solid options.

If you want to keep the Termie theme though you can go with a Paladin squad with 2 MC Psycannons and an MC Hammer for 330 points. This is a great spot for the Libby and adds a bit of saturation in targets for anti-tank weapons (specifically S8+ guns) and gives about as much firepower as the two GKSS squads but more localised.

In the end I would probably go with the GKSS squads or Ven Dreads for more squads and adding vehicle saturation. Dropping the Inquisitor and ignoring the Grenade bonus they give you and use those 85 points elsewhere (the question becomes though, where?).

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