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Friday, April 29, 2011

More Merchandise...

Sorry didn't do a post this morning but you were all too busy drooling over having Archnomad back anyway :). So I'm getting closer to getting a dice deal with some companies but still not sure if I'll be getting the 3++ on the three side (still waiting to here from a couple of companies for quotes in that regard). So what I do need is some information on you and I have two questions.

1) If not the 3++ in place of the three, what logo do you want in place of the 1/6? There are two below thanks to Goatboy.

2) What other merchandise do you want?

So these are the two pictures (in pink) we could have as the 1 logo for the dice unless I can get the 3++ on the 3 pip. On the left is a poll for which one you prefer and an other option. If you have any other ideas click that and post your idea in the comments.

There is also a poll for other merchandise; please indicate which products you would like to see 3++ cater for. If you select other please let us know what you want in the comments section and I'd love to hear your ideas for t-shirts. I'm thinking 3++ is the new black on the front with quotes on the back perhaps?

A quick note by the way. This isn't for charity or massive profit, I'll be attempting to make these items as cheap for you as possible and use the money to run the 3++ site (i.e. get off the blogger site and get private hosting) as well as help run events and tournaments in the future.

Anyway, hopefully can get this all set up ASAP so you can stop hearing me harp on about it :). A final note. We need a logo which isn't Kirby associated so as to not anger Nintendo but obviously relates to 3++ (I.e. incorporate 3++ in the logo) for use on things like Dice Bags and T-Shirts. I should be getting some gift vouchers from some stores soon so I can offer a gift voucher as a prize (or if that falls through, some dice) to the best design. Vote using the IntenseDebate thumb system!

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