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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Email in: Tournament potential for DE and 1500 points lists?

"Hey Kirby,

I dont know how much you help out random people emailing you on list building, but I was hoping to run a few things by you. ;p

Our local group runs at 1500 for more 'official' or tournament games, I have been playing a lot of DE lists, and running up against the new GK's is pushing me towards a more shooting force then I thought I was initially going to be playing.

Seeing some of the recent results of things such as Adepticon didnt really shock me that much either, as I think things like having no Venoms to buy keeps some people from bringing the list they would like.

Either way, I have been reading the articles on your site (the Codex Review section is missing some of the DE links it seems) to seek some inspiration and have the following.

The hellions are in due to having 70 odd points at the end, so I pulled the fields off my Ravagers, tossed racks on the dukes raider, and picked up a bar bones unit of hellions to hopefully assist a wych squad, or just screen a bit, its kind of wasteful, but its that, or a few more blasters with the trueborn?


3 Trueborn w/Blasters in Venom w/2 Splintercannon
3 Trueborn w/Blasters in Venom w/2 Splintercannon

9 Warriors w/Blaster in Raider w/Flickerfield, Splinter Racks, Chains
(with Duke)
9 Wych, 1 Hekatrix w/Venomblade in Raider w/Flickerfield
9 Wych, 1 Hekatrix w/Venomblade in Raider w/Flickerfield
5 Warriors w/Blaster, Sybrite w/Blast Pistol in Venom w/2 Splintercannon

5 Hellions

2 Ravagers

Let me know what you think, or just keep up the great site!



The Hellions are really a waste of points as they aren't doing anything. What I'd do personally is drop the Wyches down to Warriors in Venoms w/Blasters and then grab two Reaver squads with Heat Lances and an Arena Champion. The Reavers replace the Wyches as your combat elements but also provide some extra mobility and anti-tank. Whilst not as durable as the Wyches in combat, the double drug roll from the Duke ensures they get a good drug to make them more effective and with their ability to use terrain + JSJ, they are pretty effective backfield harassers.

This leaves you with some excess points so you can then try and run 2x Raider + 2x Venom Warrior squads for a good mix of anti-tank and anti-infantry firepower and a place for the Duke to go. Or you could spend the extra points on more Trueborn w/Blasters and keep all the Venom squads of Warriors instead.

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