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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Event Horizon draws near

For all you Australians (and potential crazy travelling Scotsmen), Event Horizon draws near. If you haven't signed up or heard of it yet, go do it (links below).

Event Horizon is run by Loriness (the winner of Centurion) and is using a roughly similar format, i.e. NOVA. However, rather than the pick your KP Centurion used, Event Horizon is moving towards a marginal KP system where you have to have three more KP than your opponent to win the KP mission parameter. Otherwise it's a tiered mission system which operates in a W/L functioning with the usual lack of comp and fantastic prizes we are accustomed to seeing from NOVA-based tournaments.

The tournament is at the end of May (28th and 29th) and is 1850 points so a good stepping up point for anyone used to 1750. Lists have to be submitted before the 20th of May so lots of time for playtesting and getting the perfect list. I know Loriness would love to get the maximum amount of players possible and have eight individuals go onto Day 2 so let's support a guy who flew all the way to Rockhampton, missed a plane on the way and then won it all whilst coming down with the chickenpox...

Oh and painting your army is a requirement for this tournament. *looks at Taak*

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