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Monday, April 11, 2011

From the Warp - back up and running

I've unfortunately been run off my feet today trying to organise my new computer (merchant screw up = run around like headless chook!) as well as fiddling around with color palettes on the test halberd to see what we can get going there. That means no awesome post of awesome from me this morning but Rupert was kind enough to show us some excellent painting material on how he did Draigo. Thanks to BrotherLoring I also saw this excellent video on doing a Dreadknight with an airbrush. Very useful since I am considering picking up an airbrush myself!

Anyway, point of this post is to let everyone know FTW is back up and running. Ron is a fantastic painter and modeller and he ran FTW really well as a networked community amongst 40k bloggers. Good to see him back and running the FTW blog again.

Anyway, after a quiet weekend I should be able to get some posts up this week! Enjoy the pretty models until then ;).

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