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Monday, April 4, 2011

Possible Event Horizon Options Part II

Yo playas, so me and Mr Taak have been working (for 4! hours) on a different White Scars list for EH to use. Rawrtime's list in chatbawks forced me to look at this one and make changes to it...

I must put in here that I can't take either IG list now as there is too much to buy and Mr Pink has maxed his credit card so I am limited in what I can buy from Wayland. So after extensive crying in the corner, I decided that I will aim to take the Scars to take some heads for Khannnn! Or whatever them do. Ahem...

So the initial list was comprised of thusly:

1850 White Scars
Captain - Bike, Relic Blade
2 x 8 Bikes - PF, 2 x MGs, AB w/ MM
1 x 4 Bikes - 2 x MGs, AB w/ MM
1 x 4 Bikes - 1 MG, 1 Flamer, AB w/ MM
3 x 2 Typhoons - TML, HBs
2 x Predators - AC, HBs

29 Bikes
8 Vehicles

Now what do I think is not too great about this list? The buying, building and painting of 6 speeders... But seriously thinking, I think it lacks saturation, a combat unit and psychic defense (and racks a diciprine.) The saturation aspect comes from the 6 speeders being fragile and the preds being out of place. The CC threat element isn't there because there is no command squad. The psychic defense (lack thereof) is worrying, especially with GKs being out there now...

So anyways, I thought that while that list has good shooting at range, bikers close the distance so fast that it isn't necessary most of the time. Those 6 typhoons are so pricey and so fragile and that worries me a fair bit about the first list.

So anywho, me and Taak came up with another one:

1850 White Scars II

Captain - Bike, Relic Blade
Command Squad - Bikes, Apothecary; 1 - SS, TH; 2 - SS, MG, LC; 3 - SS, MG; 4 - LC
Librarian - Bike, Null Zone, Avenger
2 x 8 Bikes - PF, 2 x MGs, AB w/ MM
1 x 8 Bikes - PF, 2 x Flamers, AB w/ HB
3 x 2 Attack Bikes - MMs

So I think its better... Only me then? :( Its got saturation (all bikes), its got some more CC ability (command) and its got psy defense (el libbo). But it seems harder to play as well...

I can always just fall back on the Night Lords as the back up army...

So anyway, I'll wrap it up and leave it to the pinkies to rip it up and to softly troll Taak...

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