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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tournament recap - how fester fails at 40k.

So ladies and gents, the unthinkable occurred.
I played a game of 40k.
Oh. My. God.

Actually, I played 5, at a semi-local comp RTT.
So off I trundled, with the Ork List that beat Kirby, cocky as a sock full of ... umm.. roosters.

Well, you can imagine what happened...

Firstly, The list I took is here:

 Mek w/KFF + Bosspole
2x3 Nobs w/1 Skorcha
2 Wagons w/Rolla, Big Shoota
11 Shootas, Trukk, Ram
10 Shootas w/Bosspole Nob, Trukk, Ram
3x11 Sluggaz + Bosspole PK Nob, Trukk, Ram
3x2 Buggies w/rokkits
3x3 Kans w/zookas

So game 1 was a grudge I had lined up months in advance versus a local player with a good reputation as a great player, and a guy who nearly always places. Time for some sharp learning. He also runs an army that on paper looks like my cat threw it up.

Mission: Spearhead, Annihilation.
My lowly 21 KPs versus his... 9 ish. This was a battle points event, so a win by 5+ is full points. Chances of me pulling that off ? Bugger all. I deployed and split my forces around a central terrain piece, and he just took my army apart piecemeal.

His MVP's: Defiler - took about 4 KPS (including Kans, Battlewagons, Nobs, Trukks at least), Havocs (2 Missile, 2 Autocannon) took out about 3 trukks and most of the buggies, and the Daemon Prince that could. I killed it, but it help up an entire flank for 3 turns by itself.

Game 2 was against a local from my area, with a hybrid-ish BA list on Capture and Control, Pitched Battle.
If you held both you massacred, held theirs and yours was free was a major, vice versa a minor, or 1/1 / 0/0 a draw.

I Deffrolla'd away his mobility, and set to task on his troops with Grotzookas. FNP doesnt matter when you are throwing 25+ wounds on 8 models. It was a Massacre to me at end of turn 4 with 15 minutes to go. He pushed me to turn 5 and cleared his objective and held it. Draw. 8 minutes to go, I forced him to Turn 6 (with the dice on my side) I killed his last 2 troops models. Minor to me.

Game 3 was Capture the flag. 3 objective carried by 3 units per side. Kill/break the unit, the killing unit takes the flag and carries it (regardless of distance, that's right, lasplas could just take all the flags from you wihtout moving). I draw... Tau. Reasonable list, but with my ranking the other guy hadn't won too much. End of story, I flank him, Buggies nuke one squad of suits Turn 1,and thats it. I win missing only the bonus points for tabling the opponent.

Game 4 was 5 objectives vs a 25 model Pod-SW Heroish list.
Great guy, lovely army (best painted winner I might add), but in a nutshell he called it at first dice "you will table me". Good guess. I just left him drop pod sized holes in my army to drop into, and saved myself having to waste time chasing him down.

Game 5 was against another local of mine who is from my LGClub, but I had never played. Dawn of War Annihilation. Chaos list. Kharn, Land raider, bits and bobs, defiler. Oh I've played this game before, and last time it tabled me. Fudge.
At end of T3 I was 5/1 KP down. By end of T4 I was 7/5 up.3 kans dumped 28 wounds onto a single CSM Squad that were already running (only target after I blew their tank up) and the whole squad disappeared. I eke out a minor, that would have been a major had we got Turn 6.
Highlights of the game, 5 buggies taking 4 turns to kill a single Rhino, then Kharn killing 3 Kans before they got to swing only to be squished by shoota boy shots in a single volley next turn.

10th out of 24 players. W/L record:: 4/1.
Disappointed? Yes and no.

Let's break this down.
Firstly, this was me Netlisting. Yeah, I know its actually my army, and yadayada... but I looked at the list online, sprouted how good it was, saw another player use it and made the call myself that I'd run it.
How many times had I playtested it, you might add?
0. Zip, zero, nada.I still had to look up the Ramshackle result each time the trukks got asploded. No, seriously. I had used this list that much.
Second, my cockiness got me. I told an opponent "The thing I like about this list is that it is basically un-table-able." Bam, tabled.
Third, seriously, just once I want to pass a KFF save. Just once. I can make 2 out of 3 6+ armor saves, but not 1 KFF save (usually from about 4 penetrating hits).
Finally, I just want to throw down a counter argument to this. I know my Playstyle is Not a Unique and Special Flower but do you know what, this army just doesn't suit my play style. Sure I got a good W/L record, but overall I knew that I was getting bugger all / 30 for comp so it was win, win big, every game. The army I am playing is probably one of the best the codex can throw out but it just didn't work for me...

I wish I knew the posts last week on "non-optimised lists" hadn't bitten me on the ass.

Anyway, this is the question for the viewer out there (SMS cost 55c, seek parenatal permission if < 15 yrs old).

What do I do now. I have another event in 7ish weeks

1. Rewrite list to better suit my playstyle by adding a little more CC punch and try trimming some KPs out - at least to below 20
[Example - to be checked, its probably not right]
Warboss, PowerKlaw, Cybork Body
Mek w/KFF 
5 Nobs w/1 Skorcha, Painboy, Cybork (a little nobstar)
Battlewagon w/Rolla, Big Shoota
11 Shootas, Trukk, Ram
10 Shootas w/Bosspole Nob, Trukk, Ram
3x11 Sluggaz + Bosspole PK Nob, Trukk, Ram

2x3 Buggies w/rokkits

2x3 Kans w/zookas
Battlewagon w/Rolla, Big Shoota

2. Suck it up and keep playing and learning this list

3. Take my marines instead.

I know what the correct answer is, do you?

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