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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Collect and paint an army in 3 weeks (Part 3). Tanks inc!

Hi guys and gals!

A very swift update on how I'm getting on as I still have a lot to do unsurprisingly!

I've got the 3 preds converted and I'm painting all three from start to finish today. I'm very happy with how the tank commanders came out, very orky not to button up a perfectly good cupola! I'm not sure about the grabba claws (no in game effect) so would value people's opinions:

I've worked out some background for the army, I won't go into it now but suffice to say it means Orkimedes, Mad Dok Grotsnik and Makari are all in the army (if that ocntradicts the fluff, or if some of them were dead when the others were alive then please feel free to alert me!). A grot in tactical dreadnaught armour posed a bit of an issue but I did once convert an exo-armour squat from tda so I've followed the same process, greenstuffing is still needed but here's a pic of him (with epic cooking pot helmet) alongside a thundernob for size comparison:

I wish everyone a fun weekend, Ru xx

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