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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Email in: 1750 Pt throne of Skulls list


"Hi Kirby

I am preparing to attend the UK throne of skulls tornament in October. I have been play testing my army and find it's working well. I wanted a force that could take all commers and where each part of it offered a threat even if another component of the list was destroyed. Any thoughts in it's use or changes to the list are welcome. I am especially interested in thoughts on it's deployment. I find it's alist that needs to dominate mid field to be effective due to the lack of long ranged fire power.

Codex Space Marines

4 x Assault Cannon Razorbacks
3 x 6 man Tactical Marine Squad with Power Fist
1 x 5 man Tactical Marine Squad with Power Fist
1 x Librarian (Might of Ancients, Avenger)
3 x Vindicators with Siege Shield and extra armour
1 x 10 man assualt squad Thunder hammer and 2 flamers
1 x Captain with Jump pack, Digital weapons, Storm Shield and Thunder Hammer.

thoughts welcome,



The first thing that jumps to my mind about this list is you should be using Blood Angels, particularly if you want Vindicators. The Vindicators and Assbacks gain so much by having Fast Status and you can then add in meltaguns to the small Tactical Squads (change them to small ASM squads) so they are actually useful. The large ASM then can become useful as well by being scoring and having access to FNP/FC.

If you are happy with this change it's easy to do. Just drop the Captain and the Power Fists on the ASM squads and they can fuel the extra points for the fast vehicles. You can keep the large ASM squad but give them meltaguns and you'd need to get a Sanguinary Priest for them as well. If you don't want to keep that squad I'd look to get some Speeders. I'd probably go this route as then you have mobile anti-tank (multi-meltas) and more vehicle hulls but that changes the list drastically from your original layout. Considering your Vindicators as well, having assault units isn't the wisest idea (and they don't need Extra Armor).

In terms of deployment you need to use your Razorbacks to protect the side armor of the Vindicators but otherwise try and maintain an 18-24" distance from your opponent. This way they can't reliably get assaults off on you and you're going to be in range of them. Use your movement speed to your advantage as well as the durability of mech. If you keep the large ASM squad I'd look to reserve it or keep it behind your tanks as a counter-assault unit. This stops them getting hit by stray Vindicator blasts and provides your mech with protection.

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