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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hybrid Blood Angels, the fester way

So, I managed to get a sweet deal on 25 Chapterhouse Jump Packs and have decided that I want to try to do a Hybrid BA list for the next year's tournaments, and let the Orks simmer a bit. I will see how this goes, but it's worth a shot. Orks are my first love, after all :)

I have been bouncing ideas of Kirby, SneakyDan, and others as to where I should go with this, and I think I have an interesting template that works for me. Does it work overall? Who knows.

So, the quick definition of "hybrid" first:
Both Mech and Foot, in the same list, with some form of synergy.

Onto the list!

1750 BA Hybrid festeryness

Librarian (Fear, Shield)  @ 100
I think this is a fairly logical choice. The powers, maybe not so much, but I like the idea of Fear, and the chance to run off a hammer unit (TH/SS etc) is really nice.

Sanguinary Priest (Foot, no toys) @ 50
This guy will hide in a Rhino or Razorback and give out auras. I don't want him cruising around making a target of himself for CC monsters.

2 x 5 Sanguinary Guard, Powerfist, Inferus Pistol @ 220 ea
My hammer units. These guys have a job, and that is to take down a unit, and make sure it stays down. Beyond that, their job is to draw firepower, which I am sure they will do quite well.

10 Assault Marines, Powerfist, 2 x Melta @ 235
10 Assault Marines, Powerfist, 2 x Flamer @ 225
These 2 squads are pretty self explanitory. I would have preferred both with Melta, but ironically I don't have the models, and I think this may play out better. Depending on the enemy, one squad can be charge bait, and the other the threat.

2 x 5 Assault Marines, Melta, Razorback (Assault Cannon) @ 165 ea
This is the start of our mech, our place to hide the squishies we need to keep alive (Libby and Priest). Once again, also troops.

2 Baal Predators, Assault Cannons @ 115 ea
This isn't a typo, no sponsons.

2 Predators, Autocannons @ 70 ea
Once again, not a typo. For the price of 3 sets of sponsons, I get another Baal Predator. Makes sense to me to just get another hull.

So lets summarise:
2 Razors, 4 Predators, 20 jumpers, 10 Sang Guard a Priest and a Libby.

What I like about this list, is that everything can move, together, at 12 inches a turn, and lose no firepower. You can reserve everything in the list and DoA / Outflank, and have at the minimum, a 36" threat range from the edge of the board.
You can also full deploy, have 6 hulls to hide the squishy jumpers behind, and cruise up very quickly and hit their lines largely unhurt.
What I don't like about this list, is that I am realising that I am limited in my ability to deal with Big Nasties (TMC, Wraithlords, etc), and while I would only really see one of these nasties in a tournament, it might lose me the game. Saying that, 4 assault cannons and 2 autocannons should bring down one 6 wound nasty a turn, you would hope.

Now, I ask for your suggestions on what/where to go with this list. Keep in mind, for those of you in crazy places that don't do comp, that this needs to be a good comp score army, so saying "just run 6 lasplas razors" won't be acceptable - you need to keep it friendly-like.

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