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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Email in: Fine tuning Dark Eldar


"After talking with him he wants to go the footdar WWP route he is just a little intimidated about getting his WWPs midfield quickly enough to make them effective. So after some knocking around of ideas this is his variation on a footdar list:

The idea is to deploy the venoms with the wracks and haemies on board, and the reavers and razorwing. The venoms will allow the the WWPs to quickly move toward midfield and deploy WWP on first turn. The reavers will run interference and distraction throw turbo boosting and tank hunting on turn 2. The razorwing will help to clear some enemies with the missles as well. While everything else will emerge from the WWP. Anything that comes within 24" of the WWP will take a hurting. Not entirely footdar but maybe you can see another side of it. Feel free to rip it apart and rebuild from the ground up with footdar WWP w/ quick delivery being the goal.

HQ: Duke Sliscus
2 x Haemonculus w/ WWP & LG
Elite: 1 x Incubus (5)
Troops: 2x Wych (10) hekatrix w/ agonizer & HG
1x Wracks (10) w/ 2x liquifier guns, Acothyst w/ scissorhands
2x Wracks (4) w/venoms w/ 2 splinter cannons
Fast Assault 1x Beastmaster (4) w/ 5 Khymeraes & 6 Razorwing Flocks
2x Reavers (6) w/ 2x heat lances
Heavy Support: 2x Talos w/ TL-LG & TL-HB
1x Razorwing w/ 4 Shatterfield missiles"

I think this is better than what he had before (not seen here) with more focus but a few things. Sliscus is only really being taken here for double roll on drugs - not needed. Single squad of Incubi without a PGL - not needed. No Wych weapons - needed. So let's drop Duke and the Incubi and go from there.

With that in mind what we also have to look at the delivery system. Multiple Venoms is great when you go first, crappy if you go second as they are easily shot down. Baron can help with this and then you could get another fast unit to pop out of the Portal and replace the Wracks as a large squad which can take a punch and deal it out (3+ cover/FNP + splinter pods and S4 base is pretty good). Still doesn't solve the issue if you go 2nd though, just makes it more likely that you'll go first. You can of course have a large hellion unit with cover + FNP take the beating early on and deliver the WWP but that unit is pretty good and you don't want to expose if we don't have to. We could take a large Warrior unit with double lance for firepower purposes but this doesn't really advance the WWP much and if you did go this route, you don't need to bother with the Wrack Venoms.

So what else could we do? Harlequins are a nice choice with Veil of Tears. Your opponent is very unlikely to be able to shooting them (double 6's getting 24" max range) and they are also decently fast with Fleet + ignoring cover. If you get first these guys can come out of the WWP and play tag with your opponent as well so a couple squads here wouldn't go amiss. Two squads of 5-6 with Shadowseer + Fusion Pistols + Kisses are solid bets here.

The Beastmasters and Reavers are otherwise fine as is the Razorwing though obviously when going 2nd the Venoms + Razorwing also go in reserve. Dropping the Razorwing in favor of another Talos though might not be amiss as you're really only going to get one strike in with this "everyone can see you" flyer. With the Talos' though, change the liquifier gun for chain-flails. You lose a template but are more reliable in combat.

And if we start adding all that up however...well we get well over the 2000 point mark. Let's just drop the vehicles then (replacing the Razorwing with another Talos) and we can get something like...

2x Haemonculus w/WWP
2x5x Harlequins w/2x Fusion Pistol, 4x Kisses, Shadowseer
10x Hellions
2x15x Wyches w/3x Shardnets, Hekatrix w/Venom Blade
2x6x Reavers w/2x Heat Lances
4x Beastmasters w/5x Khymera, 6x Razorwings
3x Talos w/Chain-flails, TL-heat lance

1987 points

You can change the Wyches to 3x10x instead of 2x15x though you don't have the points for Haywires on them which hurts. The Harlequins become the WWP delivery systems and then you have a lot of units coming out of there which can hurt your opponent quickly. Importantly the Beastmasters, Talos and Harlequins can reliably hurt things in combat and Hellions with good drug rolls or multiple pain tokens can get S5/6 as well. This lessens the issue of vehicles (alongside 11 melta weapons) and you obviously have a massive amount of anti-infantry available.

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