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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Email in: Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors Advice

"Heya Kirby,

Well, my friends and I are playing some games that are supposed to be pre-heresy, and I've chosen the Iron Warriors. Pre-heresy meaning that we're using the Vanilla Marine Codex, and we're avoiding units/technologies that the fluff says wasn't discovered or used till later: Librarians (thanks, Nikea), Chaplains, Razorbacks & LR Crusaders, for example.

My problem is that with no Razorbacks, MSU seems out. And with no LRCs, getting Terminators up into the fight involves regular (or Redeemer). And being Iron Warriors, bike squads seem to be not in the "style" of the slow, plodding siege masters.

So here's my take

Pedro Kantor (Stubborn, makes the sterns scoring) (175)
4xHonour Guard with Relic Blades in a Rhino with HKM (255)
2x 5-man Stern guard with 2x Combi-Melta, 1xCombi-Flamer and 2xMissile in a Rhino with HKM (195 ea.)
1x TLAC Dreadnaught (125)
3x 10-man Tacticals with Meltagun, Missile, and Combi-Flamer in a Rhino with HKM (230 ea.)
1x 2-Bike Attack Bike Squad with Multi-Meltas
2x Dakka Pred (85 ea.)
1x Whirlwind (85)

So a total of 7 missile launchers, 4 autocannons (2 TL), 6 HKM. Every troop squad except the honour guard either has meltagun or combi-melta. The honor guard is my counter-assault unit, joining with Pedro.

Yes, perhaps another predator is better than a whirlwind - but I do enjoy a large blast template now and then...

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

-- Andy"

The Honor Guard aren't really needed so I'd be looking to replace them. Not sure how fluffy Kantor and Sternguard are but having a single Whirlie and Rifledread isn't too flash. Perhaps taking a Master of the Forge for more Dreadnoughts? Or use the extra points from the Honor Guard to expand the Sternguard squads.

Not sure on the fluff for Land Speeders but I'd prefer to see some of them in there for increased saturation/increased firepower. Typhoons in particularly would be nice and do fit in with Iron Warriors in terms of lots of shooting. Basically I wouldn't really move much beyond the usual Mech Marine list of Dreads, Speeders, Rhino Marines, Razorback Marines and Preds but obviously dropping the RBacks for Rhino Marines. You can easily swap out the Dreads for Sternguard with Pedro and use Typhoons instead of MM/HF Speeders to overcome the lack of ranged firepower without the Dreads.

A single Whirldwind is okay but it's not going to give you as much against Mech/MC lists compared to the Dakka Pred but then has the ability to be better against infantry based lists. Shootynators instead of the single Dread are also a nice option in giving you lots of anti-infantry firepower and some CMLs on the move though clearing the space for them to be a big squad of 10 would require something (less fast attack for example). If you are taking Pedro and Sternguard though, you won't really need three Tac squads and I'd look to shave a squad there.

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