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Monday, August 15, 2011

Building the Creatures, Step 1: Panic

So, I have finally managed to wrap up the last of my Tyranid projects (thanks, 'Ard Boyz) and have gotten started on my newest army. I'll be making a counts-as Blood Angels force called the Creatures of Prometheus and hopefully taking them to TSHFT at the beginning of next month. I've managed to get together almost everything I need (I'm still one Meltagun and five Terminators short) and get it all trimmed down, so now it's time to start on the real work.

(Apologies for crappy pictures, my camera is trash.)

Oh... oh god. That is a lot of mans. That is altogether too many mans.

Lord, what have I gotten myself into?



Ha ha, no, it's all cool. I got this under control. I just need to build... er... two Marines every single day for the rest of the month and I'll be fine. Oh and I promised myself that this would be a 100% conversion army- that is, every single guy is somehow changed, reposed, scratch-built, or otherwise altered from the generic model. So, um, yes. Yes, that will clearly work out.

You may have noticed the Space Hulk Terminators there in the above pictures, which I am cheating with slightly and pretending that hacking them off their bases and doing slight leg re-jointings "counts" for my promise. Some of you may also be weeping tears of bitter fury at my abuse of said beautiful figures, because seriously, they are. However, all the blood drop iconography has been removed to make room for other stuff.

My color scheme is mostly hammered out, but I'm still working on a couple details.

Off-white with gold trim is the basic pattern, but I would like to get appropriate squad/company markings in there somehow. However, I'm not sure if the usual red/yellow/blue will look decent when juxtaposed with the scheme- thoughts and opinions on that?

(These are some reference pics I used and will be the sort of whites, if not necessarily overall schemes, I will be aiming for.)

I'm also giving these guys purity scrolls out the wazoo (casting 2-4 per day here), and I'd like to break up the color from "more off-white" a little with those. Any suggestions on what colors to make the parchment would be useful- just a dark tan or light brown, maybe? Red and green for the seal itself seems workable.

As I finish the squads there will be a whole lot more posts coming up, and hopefully with the weekend off here (aside from 'Ard Boyz) I'll be able to get up my fluff post on the overview/history/etc of the chapter. Yeah, I know, fluff here on 3++, who would've thought?

My list, as I will be using it, for those that missed it last time around and care:

Librarian (Terminator; Fear, Unleash)
10 Terminators (2 Cyclone, 2 Chainfist)
10 Terminators (2 Cyclone, 2 Chainfist)
3 Sang Priest (2 Terminator, 1 JP+PW)
10 ASM (2 Flamer, Hand Flamer)
10 ASM (2 Melta, PF)
10 ASM (2 Melta, PF)
(This post is a couple days in the works thanks to other stuff, so expect another post with a completed squad pretty soon.)

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