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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Email in: Dark Eldar 1750

Dark Eldar

"Hay Kirby thanks again for the blog I have found it helpful with my learning and thinking with regards to 40k. However, I am looking to start dark elder and have had problem making a list (1750) my thoughts are that the Baron is awesome source. I don’t like pure venom spam as that only leaves your ravangers for anti tank. I don’t think to many blaster squads is a good idea as that is playing into some army’s hands (gray knights/space wolves) the list i came up with has lots or random one offs but I feel redundancy is there as there are lots of anti mech and anti infantry. I will go through the list and explain my thoughts

Baron @105
To good for his points

Harmculas @50
Lets me give a pint toker to ether hellions incubi or withches but sadly no points for any equipment

4x True born w/blasters @108
Venom w/splinter cannons @65
Still need a way to stop a tank dead or that assault unit
3x True born w/2x dark lance @86
Extra dark lance for the long range anti tech needs to be deployed well and hope to stay off the radar but cheep is for what they can do
5x Incubi @110
Raider with shock prow and FF @75
A wonderful bully unit (against marines) forces them to think about where there troops as they can turn one assault or held in reserve with a long threat range. Lets me kill a unit of an objective.

10x Hellions @160
Love them good at killing infantry would like more but sadly cant.

10x kabalite warriors with splinter cannon @100
Raider with shock prow and FF @75
10x kabalite warriors with splinter cannon @100
Raider @60
Large scouring unit that can hang at 36 and still have an impact

3x Wracks @30
Venom w/splinter cannons @65
Deck chair unit and barons pain token

7x wyches with impaylour and haywire grenades @94
Raider with shock prow and FF @75
Tie up unit but also to deal with gray knight psyfilmean that seam’s to be everywhere (sadly there is only one of them.

3x reavers with a heatlance @76
Ap1 pain in the ass would love to have 6 and 3 heatlance but could not find the points

3x Ravangers @315
Would love a razorwing but ravangers are to good for the points.

So after all that would do you think?
Thanks for the help
Regards Mark"

Mark, I think you've got a lot of the right ideas and units here it's just all about putting them together. You're going to lose some goodies I'm afraid but that's life ^^. I 100% agree re Venom spam though and generally recommend dropping several Venoms in favour of Raiders with Shock prows. Whilst the units themselves don't have to change, having more disruption ability and ranged lances is important. So to your list.

I'd be looking to drop the Wyches. They aren't really needed when you have Hellions, Incubi and Reavers and only one squad isn't really enough there. With the points saved here I'd upgrade the reavers to six strong with two heat lances and go for a second squad (we're going to have to cut more points). The large Warrior squads are nice but not 100% necessary. I'd probably cut them down to five strong with a Blaster but keep them in the Raider w/Shock Prow. From there make both the Trueborn units 5xstrong with double Dark Lance and a Venom giving you three Venoms, three Ravagers and three Raiders. Nice and symmetrical :P plus you have the Baron + Hellions unit for extra anti-infantry and Reavers for extra anti-tank with some harassment ability added in. Any spare points can go into the Warriors to beef their size or Hellions as well.

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