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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Email in: "The Rage Wave" Sisters o' battle List

"So ive got both parts of the ever so insightful and well developed *hack* *cough* white dwarf Sisters of Battle codex, and i had a look. Then i had a look again. And i kept reading and reading and reading. And you know what i found?

THE RAGE WAVE (say this to your opponent in a very deep menacing mortal kombat announcer voice)
2000 lovely points.


Uriah Jacobus 90

Battle Conclave:
5x Death Cult
3x Crusader

Extra Armour
Dozer Blade


Ecclesiarchy Priest w/ Eviscerator + power sword? 80
(note: doesnt take up an elite slot)

10x Repentia (well 9 and the Mistress) 175

10x Repentia 175

10x Repentia 175


10x Battle Sisters, 180
simulacrum Imperialis

10x Battle Sisters, 180
simulacrum Imperialis




3x3 Penitent Engines 255

3x3 Penitent Engines 255

3x3 Penitent Engines 255

Total: 1995

So the Tactic goes, spread all those rage units out evenly across the board to minimise the opponents ability to Kite units
Capture those backfield objectives and use those simulacrum's (try saying that fast 3 times) to get those auto-regroup faith re-rolls to keep them
use the Uriah death star to hit hard where needed.

This is very much a fire and forget army as the rage units wont be in your control, but will rack up kills when they get there. Fleet, Unstoppable rampage, feel no pain, and the 6++ shield of faith will keep them going
and will be very much a big distraction for your opponent allowing the deathstar and the troops to find something useful to do.

its a shame the troops are so expensive, i would like to stick a few more metal boxes in there, maybe loosing a few penitents will do.

Thanks for any feedback Kirby!"

It's like a crappy Kan wall :P. Sorry but the whole rage wave is just going to break on mech. Sure there are a lot of attacks that can smack mech back but you don't even have to kite against this army. Throw a tank forward each turn and just shoot down things from afar. Whilst the units themselves can be pretty scary once they get into combat with other units, they are going to wipe said units and be open to counter-shooting again.

I feel you can incorporate Repentia into a normal list but going all out with both Repentia and Engines is just over the top silliness. If you really wanted to include the Repentias I'd take a 'normal' Sisters list with SoB in Rhinos, Dominions in Immolators, Jaocbus + counter-assault star and three Retributors w/Heavy Bolters with Rhinos/Immolators. Repentias can then hijack the Retributors ride and not suffer as much from Rage and get up there faster. Still not a great unit but annoying enough and you've got lots of melta running around to help crack the tanks.

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