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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Menoth Introduction Part 2: Warjacks


Here is the second part of the Menoth introduction series by WildWing. This time we look at the Menoth Warjacks as well as key units which interact with these steam powered beasts.

The most recognizeable piece of Warmachine the Warjacks are next up.  Part 1 where the faction and the Menite warcasters were covered can be seen here.  The Warjacks of Menoth have an interesting development cycle, as they were built in secrecy, using smuggled parts from the various Iron Kingdoms.  Built under the pretense of a combination of self-defence and the need to survive agriculturally and industrially, the Protectorate of Menoth struggled with itself over the fact that all arcane works were heretical, laborjacks included.  Eventually, after much sanctifying, all 'jacks came to be seen as needed.  This need to sanctify as well as the prejudice against all arcane magic led to the formation of the Choir of Menoth and the Vassals of Menoth, who will also be covered later in this article.

Light Warjacks:

Devout: One of two defensive light jacks, the Devout is unusual amongst our lights in that it has a higher defensive, coupled with a lower base ARM value.  This is compensated by the shield it carries, bringing it in line with our other lights.  The main draw instead are its three abilities: Defensive Strike, Shield Guard, and Spell Barrier.  A buddy for some of our warcasters, it gives pause for our enemies, and makes them reconsider engaging our caster for an assassination run.  Note that a heavy warjack will still laugh at this, and simply take whatever the Devout swings at it.

Dervish: Based off of the Devout, it has the same stats, and therefore is the lightest jack in all of the Protectorate.  This is also considered our assassin jack, as it is armed with two swords that can be used in two swings, or in a single combo strike to make it into the equivalent of a Protectorate heavy on its first swing.  Combine this with Side Step, and the Dervish has the furthest threat range without any focus or spells.  This is the jack you will see with Amon the most.  At only 4 points, it's cheap and deadly.

Redeemer:  The long-range light jack, there are two notable things about the jack.  First and foremost, the Skyhammer.  It has the furthest range in our arsenal, and the highest ROF in our army.  It's also an AoE.  The other thing is the rule inaccurate.  This jack is going to miss....a lot!  But that's not why you're taking it.  This jack has an aoe and 3 shots.  Low ARM infantry are its primary targets, and it will do a bit of damage on average rolls with blast damage.

Repenter: One of our two battlebox light warjacks, the Repenter is our flamethrower jack.  Carrying with it a spray that will set all enemies it hits on fire, it helps the fact that if it doesn't kill it with the spray, then the continuous effect will.  This is devastating against warcasters, where their overboosted focus doesn't protect them from the fire damage they will suffer.  A final note for this jack: its one of our three cheapest jacks.

Revenger: The other battlebox light warjack, the Revenger is our light Arc Node.  It also carries a shield that pushes enemies back while it's still alive, and pushes the ARM to the equivalent of most of our heavies.    It also becomes more accurate on the charge with its halberd, so it can easily hit high DEF models like it is nothing.

Vigilant:  Our MkII light Warjack, the Vigilant is our other defensive Warjack, being unique in being tied for the highest ARM in the army, and also having two open fists.  While not as strong as the other lights, it is immune to blast damage, and passes that immunity to all models in B2B with it.  A fun tactic with this jack it to go up to a heavy and Arm Lock one of its strongest weapons – on its turn, the enemy jack must try to break free and often can't do anything else but be tied up with the Vigilant.  For 4 points, being able to tie up 7-10 points of heavier warjack is quite useful.

Blessing of Vengeance: Severius' personal Revenger, it serves as a useful tool for the Warcaster.  For one point more, it has a +1 MAT, Defensive Strike, a strange imprint: Bushwack, and a very useful Affinity that should always be used , especially with Ashes to Ashes and Eye of Menoth up.  It still handles like a Revenger otherwise though, but for all purposes, this should be the go to jack for Severius immediately.

Heavy Warjacks:

Crusader: The Crusader is the basic Protectorate Warjack, and it's statline is what's compared to vs all other Heavy jacks in the army.  It is also the oldest Warjack, with the Repenter, Devout, and Templar following behind in age.  Being an older chassis, the Crusader is part of the slower group of Jacks.  It's Inferno Mace however is the strongest non-character weapon, outranked only by the Avatar's sword.  A simple, inexpensive beatstick, the Crusader's Inferno Mace also carries Critical Fire, but usually whatever it hits, dies.

Castigator: Meet the warjack based on fire.  It has two open fists, both continuous fire causing, with an immunity of fire, and a special attack called combustion that sets everyone on fire and a decent POW for clearing out infantry.  It's also based on a later chassis shared with the Reckoner, and as a result is faster than the Crusader-based jacks.  It does suffer from a slight counter-intuitive move, in that combustion can't be used on a charge, but having two open fists gives us access to the full range of power attacks like the Vigilant, a rare sight in Warmachine (Hordes is another story).

Guardian: A heavy and an arc node?!  And the damage grid of Khador!?  With powerful charge like its light arc node brother, and Critical Pitch that can let it throw its target on a critical hit, what's not to love about this jack?  The downside: it's our most expensive non-character jack, and also part of the same SPD group as the Crusader-based jacks, despite being a unique chassis of its own.

Reckoner:  Sharing the same chassis as the Castigator, this jack has both a gun that lowers the defense of its target, a melee weapon with reach, assault, and ashen veil that raises its defense in certain situations.  Simple translation: this is our best all-purpose jack.  With a threat range tied with the Avatar, the Reckoner can reliably take down all but the most resilient targets with ease for a mere 8 points. 

Sanctifier:  The newest warjack from Wrath, the Sanctifier is based off of the Reckoner and Castigator.  Take the Reckoner's big club, make it a magical weapon, combine with an open fist, and the Reclaim ability of the Reclaimers(a solo to be discussed later) and this is what you get.  A jack that directly collects soul tokens to turn them into focus.  It also causes enemies that are incorporeal to lose it.  Note: this warjack has not been released yet.

Templar:  A crusader-based chassis with a big shield, the ARM is the same as the Vigilant.  Armed with a flail that has reach, it has two special rules that increase its threat range, and can ignore shields and shield-wall buffs.  The big bonus is beat back, which allows it to move an inch after each hit.  In other words, this jack despite its lower SPD has the furthest threat range with 3 focus, and can often catch enemies off-guard who thought they were safe behind other models.  Best use: Infantry Sweeper.

Vanquisher: The third crusader-based Warjack, this one also has a chain weapon like the Templar, but instead of reach, it has thresher.  But that's not why you take the jack, as its power is lower than the average heavy in Menoth.  What it does have is a 4 inch AOE that's pretty strong, outranked only by the Sunburst Crew(TBC later) without any buffs.  It's range leaves something to be desired, but it's balanced out by the addition of whatever the AOE touches, will be set on fire whether it damages or not. The Vanquisher runs very well with limited or no focus, which is beneficial to many of our casters.

Avatar of Menoth: The first character Warjack, it's a monster of a beast.  It's damage grid is unique in that it lacks a Cortex.  This jack is not only autonomous, it is driven by Menoth's will and His will alone.  Not even the Harbinger can control it.  Translation: Warjack can never be disrupted.  It generates its own focus, and has an ability, activated by spending a focus, that whoever is in its line of sight has to move towards it if they choose to move.  The sword and shield are magical, and the sword will tear through almost everyone.  Only Khador's toughest warjacks can weather the storm without being too mangled.

Fire of Salvation:  Kreoss' personal Warjack.  It is for all intents and purposes a faster Crusader.  It's affinity is that it can dispel upkeeps.  The warjack does consider itself a brother to Knights Exemplars, and it has an out-of-activation movement and attack that helps it get up the field faster.  This is situational, and it's imprint gives it a better chance to hit, along with a free swing for each kill.  Again, situational, due to a lack of reach.

Blood of Martyrs: The newest character Warjack, this one belongs to Thyra and is again a faster Crusader.  Carrying two blades, these are deceptively powerful.  When someone dies near it, instead of out-of-activation shenanigans, it gets stronger and more accurate.  Combine it with a Choir, and it now has two powerful blades that make most jacks and casters cringe.  Oh, and it's got Parry and the affinity with Thyra is Side Step.  Final Translation: Dervish on drugs.

Scourge of Heresy: A rather odd-ball of a Warjack, this one is Vanquisher-based jack for Reznik.  It's not fast, it lacks a ranged weapon, and it doesn't have reach.  It does use the same chain weapon the Vanquisher uses, but its main weapon is the Punisher.  When that weapon attacks a model that has some type of spell upkeep, it becomes more accurate and hits even harder.  The only real reason to consider Scourge of Heresy is the Imprint: Arcane Assassin.  No Spell or Focus Camp will save the warcaster when the Scourge has it running.  Whoever it reaches with that up, it will kill them.  The last ability is Arcane Vortex, which can negate a spell near it for a focus.  Good idea to have near someone you don't want getting hurt.

Warjack Support:

Choir of Menoth: I'd being doing the faction injustice if the Choir wasn't covered here.  The Choir are the auto-include of the army, seen in nearly every list except for most Theme Lists.  They're what make our jacks so resilient and tough.  Each turn they can use a particular ability, each model targeting a different 'jack (but with the same song).  They can make the jacks untargetable by non-magical ranged attacks, untargetable by spells, or increase both the attack and damage of any attack made. They can play to the weaknesses of the opponents, and when the time is right, buff our jacks to a hitting power higher than most factions.

Vassal of Menoth:  Our other main support, he is a solo that does one of two things primarily.  He has a magic attack but it's not often used.  What he does do though are either grant an out-of-activation attack, or an out-of-activation movement after the warjack has been damaged by an attack.  The Vassal in other words can increase our damage output or decrease the damage output of the enemy each turn.


Here are all of our jacks. Due to some abilities, certain jacks will be seen in nearly all lists, like the Reckoner. Others you'll see very rarely. Everyone though has a use and a purpose. How they work together with the army is up to you, as there are limitless combinations for them.

Kirby notes: Menoth 'jacks seem so-so on paper. They are decently cheap compared to other factions (8 point heavies) and they have some nice stats (like ARM) with decent damage grids but are pretty slow. However, they really shine when you bring in support units such as the Choir and Vassal and obviously each caster fits better with certain 'jacks. This combination can lead to Menoth 'jacks hitting very much above their weight in terms of their raw statlines

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