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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Big Thank You!

I'd just like to throw a big thanks to everyone out there, particularly the other authors and guest authors of 3++. Over the past two-three months I must say blogging has been a much more enjoyable experience as I haven't had to think of 20 ideas a week, put fingers to keyboard and produce good quality work. Whilst I do enjoy this obviously, allowing it to be much more of a pastime rather than something I 'needed' to get done has been a great pleasure. The other authors have really helped take the load off with musings of their own (especially when I was sick) and I thank them very much for this! I hope it keeps up :).

Secondly obviously none of this is possible without the readers so a big thanks to you as well.

Random good will and all that :). Keep it classy people!

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