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Friday, October 14, 2011

British ETC Team Sign-up

As requested by Meg (aka Alex aka Killswitch) this has been posted in regards to the British ETC team and how to potentially become a part of it. They are trying for as much transparency as possible so BrotherLoring can focus all his anger on other teams ;). Meg promised me a Dark Eldar army to do this so if I don't get one I will give someone a hug if they remove him from the team.

Hi Everyone,

The interest for the ETC in the UK has been growing so much recently, with coverage on Rankings HQ, 40kuk and 11th Company, as well as general discussion on the forums and at tournaments, more and more people are aware of what the ETC is, and the best thing is more and more people want to get involved.
This year I have the great honour of being Captain for the English 40k team. In this thread I want to just go into a bit of detail how to apply for the English team, as well as what is expected from an ETC player.

The event this year is in Poland on the weekend 18/19 August 2012.

To compete at the ETC we take a team of 8 players, each using a different army, playing against some of the best players from all over Europe and beyond. Selecting a team is no easy task, as there are so many great players in the UK to choose from. To help ensure the best team is chosen we have a selection system in place, the system works as follows:

The Team Captain is on the Team.

He then picks two players from the top five of the Rankings. This selection for this was done on Friday (07/10/11).The two players chosen were Alex Harrison and Chris Green. So including myself this means that the players ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Rankings at the moment are all on the team this year.

These two players then form an advisory committee for the Captain; they help him to select the next two players, which must be selected from the top 16 in the Rankings by the 15/12/11.

Then the final three players can be selected from anywhere, they can feature in the Rankings, but equally they don’t have to be on the system at all. The last three players will be selected by the 31/01/12.

The aim of this selection system is to make it more transparent how you can get on to the English team, while still allowing the flexibility to pick the strongest team, especially taking into consideration the fact 8 different armies need to be played to a high level to compete.

If you are interested in applying to play on the Team then you will need to email me at In order to have a realistic chance to be selected for the team you should be:

• A regular tournament player on the UK scene
• Be English (Kirby is dumbstruck at this)
• Have a reasonable track record in tournaments
• If selected be willing to play any army, this is key considering how the ETC works.
• Be willing to take said army/race to events despite any detriment on rankings or personal glory
• Have the time to commit to playing practice games, partaking in discussions on an ETC forum, email and phone, keep up with all the ETC FAQs etc.
• Be able to spend around £600 – £1000 in the year on the ETC and associated events.
• Be able to attend the Home Nations event at the end of April at Maelstrom.
• Be a team player, able to put the result of the team ahead of your own personal result at the event.

I know it is a big commitment going for a place on the English team, but if you feel you can commit to the above list I really do recommend you email me, as in my opinion the ETC is the best 40k event of the year without question.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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