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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Email in: Failtastic Chaos Lists!

Black Matt

"Hey Kirby, wondering if I could pick your brain. I'm tinkering with the current C:CSM codex, for no other reason than masochistic joy I suppose, and I'm trying to put together a competitive 2k list. I'm trying to avoid Plague Marines and Demon Princes, because one of my buddies plays a nurgle-army and I hate copy-catting. So I've come up with the following two lists. The first one seems to play like a Tau bastard. only instead of staying far away and shooting, you stay close and shoot, praying that the rhinos/land raiders will keep you from being assaulted. Its stacked with melta and other shooty goodness, just no solid CC ability. The second list is an armored-column type list, with a bit more ability in the CC department. Which would you consider superior? Also, any way you would change the better one? Raptors are a little expensive, but if they run behind the rhinos they can get close enough to tie up bubble-wrap. Also, at 2k I didnt know what else to do with the points. Thanks for the help!

~Shas'el Mike

chaos lord: slanesh, combi, dual lclaws
2x5 termies: slanesh, x4 combies, x1 hflamer:
2x1 LR:
4x5 chaos marines: x1 melta:
2x1 rhino
2x5 raptors: slanesh, x2 melta, champion/powerfist, x1 flamer
3x1 pred: ac/las

chaos lord: slanesh, dual lclaws
3x6 chosen: slanesh, x3 pw, x2 melta, champion/pfist
3x1 rhino: combi-weapon
4x5 chaos marines: x1 melta
2x1 rhino:combi-weapon
2x5 raptors: slanesh, x2 melta, champion/powerfist (one squad w/ flamer)
3x1 pred: aclc:"

Honestly Mike, I don't think either of them are very good. You've got decent weapon numbers for chaos and not too shabby infantry and tank numbers but there's nothing really there to be scary. I5 Chaos Termies are cute until they meet something which can take the hit and throw power weapon attacks back and we all know how meh the Chaos Land Raiders are currently - no Power of the Machine Spirit hurts.

I think if you're looking to go non-Nurgle based Chaos maximising the number of hulls you can take is your best bet. Go for something like 6x Chaos Marines and 3x Chosen in Rhinos all with an assortment of close ranged weapons and combis + Havoc Launchers on the Rhinos. You can either grab Havocs with Rhinos as well or keep the ACLC Preds that you have (though LoS to the sponsons can be an issue) or even go Oblits to shoot over the transports. You'll have alot of MEQ and tanks but a relatively short-ranged army outside of what you put in your HQ slot - could grab a couple of Lash Sorcerers to play around with that as well. Mass tank shocking + lash for clumping up on flamers and meltas to pop tanks.

If you have any points spare (unlikely, especially if you go Oblits) you can grab some Slaanesh icons and power weapons for counter-charging but I think you're going to be tight on points here anyway.

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