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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Roland Does: Specialty Games

I've decided to add a new little subsection here into the 3++ Realm and begin discussing two of my favorite Specialist games out there: Necromunda and Infinity. The Specialty Game series will go through the ins and outs of the games, Army Lists I'm tinkering with, and some background. Hopefully by the end of the series I'll may have sparked some interest amongst you all in checking out some of these other games. They both offer very different game mechanics from 40K and and can be more tactical for different reasons. Plus, they offer a break from large and long (2+ hour) games as at most they'll have less than 15 models (usually) games go by quickly allowing more to games to be played on a given game night. Also the fewer the models the quicker and easier painting and converting becomes as you have less to work with, and more time to spend on each model.

So the first part in this series will be on Necromunda. I'll point out GWvsJohns posts in Part 1 of the Necromunda guide, but to hold you over until then...check out my gang as it slowly forms!

The photo above is of SGT Apone with Flamer and Chainsword. And here are some more:

The first photo above is just a generic Sniper I've done some light conversions too. I like autoguns so I've tweaked his Long Las rifle to be a Sniper Autogun. My next Sniper conversion I'm going to use the bolt pistol magazine instead so it looks more like a small box magazine akin to what the Barret .50cal Sniper Rifle uses, as opposed to the more assault rifle look on this one. The next two photos are two looks at Hudson. I wanted to pose him from the scene in the movie when he gets dragged under the floor boards by the Xenomorphs, ergo the talon through his foot dragging him down, and the massive one through his chest.

The two photos above are of the Juve Wierzbowski. His autopistol is converted from a laspistol, a bolt pistol barrel, and a bolt pistol mag with some minor adjustments. And finally, the full squad:

The two photos above are supposed to be in a semi-diorama set up. I'm trying to figure out placement for a potential display board for next years NOVA...

From Left to Right- Hudson, Hicks, Apone (in background), Frosty, and Bozski.

Oh and because I love my Sniper :)

The one lesson I learned from the conversions that I realized aggravated me was the fact that FW models are smaller than regular GW IG models. Apone and Bowski's heads due to the fact that the Elysian models are more thin and lithe than normal IG models. Upside was the weapons conversions were real simple - cut off the hands on both models and glue them together and voila! Perfect fit. As for using these guys outside of Necro...I may use some of the regular guys in my normal IG/Elysian lists as a "showcase" squad. Otherwise they'll just be a diorama squad.

Now to just do Vasquez, Drake, and Gorman.

Oh and to buy $1200 worth of Elysian models....ugh

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