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Saturday, July 21, 2012

3++ Nerdcast: Episode 3 - 6th edition knowledge expansion...

Next Nerdcast! This is unfortunately... well a rather unstructured one. And that's saying something for us! SirBiscuit and AbusePuppy don't join us and I'm busy packing Tyranids for the weekend's tournament so we left the two.... what should I call them :P? Who knows but they ran amok! lol

There's some good information in here, we just jump around a lot unfortunately! I've compiled a sort of table of contents below of what we go through below so you can skip to the more relevant parts or listen to the entire conversation and enjoy it all!

Our main focus is what's good/better in 6th (Orks discussed briefly 1:30-2:30 mins) with some focus on a couple armies specifically. This includes:

  • artillery (not explained wholly but much improved due to T7/W2 and having a save)
  • vehicles (~3:40); specifically the dynamic of survivability and how you can use their hulls within this new paradigm
  • barrage weapons (~7:10) & their ability to potentially snipe, drop parking lots + do lots of hull point damage, etc.
  • Imperial Guard & Chimeras (~10:35) & their ability to move forward/stay back and impact the battlefield with AV12 walls (with side protection)
  • flyers (~14:40) - you knew this was coming right! Main topic of discussion is the Stormraven, particularly the Blood Angels version and potential Blood Angels army lists
  • some random discussion about bad terrain... (~19:00 to ~20:00)
  • back to vehicle durability, specifically end game and suppression differences (~20:00) with discussion about Fortitude (~21:30) and how it's changed in comparison to the rest of the field
  • deathstar discussion (~24:00) - Paladins & Nobs in particular and how Paladins actually have decent shooting to offset some of their weaknesses (i.e. only being able to kill one unit in assault) with some  Grey Knights & their love of Divination (~26:30) chucked in the middle
  • Rate of fire (~29:30) - an increased emphasis compared to 5th edition and why its so important counter-balanced by higher AV platforms (~32:00) through melta and its application 
  • basic squads and their ability to laugh at vehicles in combat (~34:30) and pin armies in place
  • litmus test builds (~37:00) - i.e. mass AV14 armies, 180 Orks, 200 Guardsmen w/Autocannons/Plasmagun. I'm so rude here =D!
  • countering the potential for rock/paper/scissors and mass infantry within a balanced list (~38:10)
So ya, jumps around a bit but some (what we think) is good information and discussion going there. And no, I haven't set up an RSS/iTunes yet, I will try to do this in my copious amounts of spare time =D.

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