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Saturday, July 21, 2012

High Lords of Terra - Tyranids Day 1 Wrap-up

Ya, a 5th ed tournament. No one cares right? Well it's not even my last! Still have ATC in a MONTH grrr. Anyway, thought I'd whip out the Tyranids for one final hurrah and laugh at the people I beat :P. It was a comp tourney as well but I imagine I'll get a shitty comp score not befitting the state of Tyranids. I also got to use one of the massive new T-Fex/Tervigon models. Massive. Bigger than most vehicles. He looks cute though! Needs more ink...

Anyway, so game versus Blood Hammer Blood Angels, Triple Raider + TH/SS Space Marines and Draigowing Grey Knights. Won handily Game 1, sorry Jason!, close Game 2 where I had Rohnan's movement screwed pretty nicely but he broke out and Tyranids don't stand up to 15 TH/SS well, close game despite the final score depicting otherwise and Game 3 versus the annoying Draigowing with a secondary pull-out. Still wish I had had 10 vehicles *tank shocks off table*. Shame that won't be as viable in 6th!

Vincey did well with Orks for once going 3-0 with max battle points. Maybe he can win something :P. I'm sitting on 35 so we'll see what Day 2 brings!

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