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Monday, July 16, 2012

Death or Glory Podcast - Episode 1: 6th edition

Hey guys,

myself and a few of my close wargaming friends decided to have a go at doing a podcast the other night, the advent of 6th edition brings with it a veritable horde of new information/rules to ponder and discuss.

We discuss a few points:

00:00 – 25:10: Wound allocation
25:10 – 45:50: Flyers
45:50 – 58:40: Flying MCs
58:40 – 1:10:00: Random rule of fun

Hopefully the podcast is relatively entertaining and there will be the odd point here or there that you may not have considered when thinking about how the new rules impact the game.

We will be recording a new episode this week so please feel free to post any particular things you would like to hear us discuss.

Ta ra for now,

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