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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lords of Terra

Well, I've been asked a couple times now if I'm going to Lords of Terra which is in late July and without looking at my uni schedule atm, I'm going to say why not. From what I can tell there are no restrictions outside of 20% comp (ew) & 1750 points. So, what army should I take? I've got 3 armies that would pretty much just require a fair amount of painting and minimal buying and we'll see what everyone else thinks. So these 3 armies are Eldar (mech), Vanilla Marines (mech) and Tyranids (foot).

I'll be putting up the 3 lists I'd like to try and work with in relation to this today and link them back to the post (and "sticky" this post) and generate discussion in this thread for what I should take whilst using the other thread for changes to my lists.

And! if anyone in Sydney is up for some practice games, I'd be more than happy to get some games in assuming my uni workload allows it.

Edit: Okay I've added a poll to the left on what army I should take. It'll stay up for a week (maybe 2 as then all my assignments are done). I've got about a months worth of holidays before the tournament so I'd like to go (as long as thesis work isn't mind boggingly extensive at that point in time) and should have time to do the painting/modelling, all of which you can witness here! So get cracking peoples, what army should Kirby take? Debate!

1750 SM
1750 Eldar
1750 Tyranids

Edit 2: And Vinsanity is weighing in with his lists now. They can be seen here. Another poll is up on the left.

14 pinkments:

Anonymous said...

I'd be most afraid of the Eldar list. I also think that list is best prepared to take advantage of the crappy 4e list you'll undoubtedly see.

Kirby said...

I don't know what type of lists I'd see. If my mates come, they won't have 4e lists ^^. It's run by WargamersAU and we all know how much Takk complains about them, which is why I avoid it. I know they are huge on comp and I don't think any of my lists are comp friendly (good :@), though the Tyranid list might be the most of the lot because of the internet's opinion of Tyranids.

The Eldar one certainly would be least amount of work in terms of assembly/buying for me though =D.

Chumbalaya said...

They're all mindless powergaming evil jerk spam armies, so I'd go for the one that you're most comfortable with.

If I was across the board from you, I'd hate to see the marines most. Tons of mech, tons of shots, and all at really good range.

Skellum said...

Take the Space Marines
If only for the apocalyptic laser and smoke infused showdown of your marines vs my marines that would undoubtedly happen.
But I like the look of the marines, its the one list I know would easliy dominate most stuff people would put out

Vinsanity said...

TBH, the Eldar list scares me the most. Good volume of fire, good anti-tank, good speed and also good serpent protection versus higher STR weapons.

The marines one scares me next. Lots of fire but not as fast. You would play both eldar and marines well.

And for nids, it isn't mech (for a change :P) but has good survivability and anti-tank. It would appear prima facie, the weaker of the 3. But that would only be on paper, and it would play quite hard.

So to suggest an army based on its abilities wouldn't be useful when you can't finish that army in time for the tourney. So my advice is to pick the one which you can definitely finish before LoT :D

I suspect this would be Nids, even though you may have to buy some stuff but the painting would go much faster than the Eldar or marines.

Misc. Marine said...

I'll be there are as well. Which part are you playing in? Open or invite? I was in the open last year and If that is anything to go off it will be a complete and utter cheese fest.

I'm a fan of your marine list. The other 2 seem a little light compared to what I would expect. either that or I'm not getting them.

At the moment It looks like I'm running something similar to your marine list, with Space Wolves, But with more troops. 30-50 Infantry, 9-11 tanks depending on a few choices I'm still agonizing over.

Might see you there

Kirby said...

Open, I don't regularly play on the tourney scene in Australia.

Define "cheese fest." Most Australians seem to define cheese as good and balanced lists with built-in duplicity or by cheese do you mean not-so-good armies that roll non-mech armies? (i.e. Ork Hordes, Lash Chaos, etc.?). Just curious.

Misc. Marine said...

I mean lists purely built to win. Last year I saw a lot of fast Vulkan Lists, double Lash prince lists, Nob Bikers, TH/SS Terminator Spam. Sacrificing composition points and fluff in order to try and gain more battle points.

I lucked into the invitational this year and I am expecting to get hammered and end up slumming it at the bottom with 2 of my friends who also lucked in. Due to a large portion of the better players being in the invitational half you will get a lot of newer players trying to take advantage their absence. So expect noobs with power lists.

Kirby said...

So basically rock armies <3. None of my lists will score well on comp because duality and using good units is generally frowned upon from my past experiences w/Australian comp.

Misc. Marine said...

I understand its a unique system. Tries to award "friendliness" Good Luck, see you there.

Kirby said...

We shall see! Should I buy a shirt and paint Kirby on it? Or get a banner akin to Fuedal Japan and walk around with 3++ above my head =D? Or hide from everyone lol.

Misc. Marine said...

Chad Mack, I'll be slumming it at the bottom of the big boys comp with my space wolves, usually rock a green lantern shirt day one of tourneys.

Should be easy to spot me from the kiddies table ;)

AbusePuppy said...

I think 'Nids are going to get you the most comp points (since they aren't as "typical" as just playing mech Marines/Eldar and get pity points from people who don't understand how good the new codex is.) You're running Tervigons, which will hurt you, but no Trygons/Mawlocs, no Doom or other named characters, and you have some options for nonstandard units to fill out those other points.

The Marines list looks very competitive, though, so that would probably be my second choice. I don't know enough about "good" Eldar builds to really say much about them. :(

Kirby said...

Currently looks like Nids or Eldar are the top runners so we'll re-visit those lists (yes I will play whatever is top-voted).

In regards to comp levels, eh who cares. I will go and have fun and if they screw me with comp, they'll get bad press about it :P (assuming I win games). If I personally was choosing I'd go Eldar or Marines at this stage as I know what I'm like with painting deadlines (plain bad) and Tyranids will require a lot of work. Playing wise I'm leaning towards Tyranids because I haven't taken them to a tournament before and am a bit bored of Marine based armies atm (though if I had Blood Rodeo up, I'd be there!).

So check out the 'Nids & Eldar lists to see potential changes and thoughts and unless the SM get a vote flurry, one of those armies will be what I take!

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