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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quiet Weekend & Black_Rose's tournament report

Sorry for lack of posts this weekend! Having a quiet one after the manic rush to the end of my thesis. I've got a lot of emails backlogged which I will endeavour to get to as much as possible this week but will also try and put out some more tactical/analytical armies. I think one on Vulkan is needed... Anyway, Black_rose sent me a tournament report a couple weeks back and although I haven't snowmobiled it with my comments but the games are good examples IMO of a good list trouncing not-so good lists such as Chaos and Orks. You can also check out his pictures of his Wolves scattered here and there painted up as Iron Warriors!

So without further ado, the report:

Hi Kirby,

Black_Rose here to report on my tournament from Saturday with my Iron Wolfs (Iron Warrior paint job with space wolf rules).

You can find my 1700 point army list here

The only change I did is the Jaws of the world wolf for Murderous Hurricane

The tournament was 4 rounds and only 14 players showed up, usually we max out at 26 (13 tables max fit in the store) for this event each year.

Prizes for Best Overall , Best General, Best Paint, Best Sportsmanship and you can’t win in more then one category. Painting is judged by a freind of mine, Mathieu Fontaine who is well known for his painting classes at major events and golden demaon winner

Tournament is W/L and has 3 win conditions that change order from round to round

Objectives: 5 Objectives pre-set on the table 1 centered in each quarter and 1 in the middle scoring units only can control, anything can contest.
Quarters: 4 Table quarters anything can control and contest
Kill points: 5 Kill points, 3 chosen by yourself, 2 by opponent.

Before I go to the report, I want to apologize for not having pictures, forgot the camera on the kitchen table because I was late for the tournament.

Round 1

Playing Against Vincent Hudon with his death guard (2 times slayer sword winner) (Here is a link to his golden deamon winning entries

His List:

Deamon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime
Unit 1 7 Plague Marines, champ, fist, 2 melta, rhino
Unit 2 7 Plague Marines, champ, fist, 2 plasma guns, rhino
Unit 3 8 Plague Marines, champ, fist, 2 melta, combi-melta (ride land raider)
Unit 4 7 Plague Marines, 2 plasma guns
5 Terminators, 5 combi-plamas, powerfist
Land raider
Defiler 2X CCW

Primary win is Objectives, Secondary is quarters, third is kill points. Deployement is Ptched Battle. I win die roll and go first

Turn 1 I immobileze his rhino and blast the other, can't do a thing to hsi defiler. his turn nothing much, land raider stays still to gun down a land speeder. Turn 2 I destroy his defiler and put 3 wounds on the demaon prince. His turn two, his deamon price charges a unit of long fangs in cover, I kill the deamon prince before he hits, hahaha. Turn 3 Scouts show up and immobilize the land raider. His turn 3 terminators drop in and stun a razorback then die. I kill pretty much everything on turns 4-6 except 6 plague marines in 2 different units.

Final score: 2 objectives to 1 (1 tied), 2 quarters to none (I tie both of his), KP 4 to 1.

Round 2

Playing a guy that named his army 1998 dark lance spam

His list:

Archon, Punisher, Tormentor Helm, Drogues, Shadowfield, Jetbike
2 X 8 Wychs with agonizer, blaster in a raider
6 X 10 Warriors, 2 dark lance, 2 blasters
3 reaver jetbike, 1 blaster
3X Ravagers with 3 X disentegrators

Primary win is quarters, secondary is kill points, third is objectives. Deployment Spearhead. I loose die roll and he goes first.

The table has a big ass forest right in the middle so pretty much his whole army has a 4+ cover all the time. We shoot each other and he destroys 1 rhino and its content in cc, 1 razorback, 2 scout units. I kill all ravagers, immobilize both raiders, kill his jetbikes and archon, 3 out of 6 warrior units. Stupid moment of the game I get a clear shot at a unit of 2 warriors in the open, to be sure to kill them I choose to shoot 4 kraks there way and kill none, 3 failed to hits and a 1 on the damage of the only one that hit.

Final score: We both control 1 quarter and tie the other 2. I win on kill points 4 to 1. The objectives are 2 for me and 1 for him.

Round 3

Playing a guy that beat my SM bikers in the last tournament we played with the green tide (only got 4 turns to play because 140 orks on foot take to long to move)

This time he played orks but mech up a bit.

His list:

Ghazgull Thraka (kill point)
Big Mek, KFF, PK (kill point)
5 MegaNobz (kill point) in a BattleWagon
2 X 12 Boyz with Nob, BP, PK in a trukk (both trukks are killpoints)
2 X 30 Boyz with Nob, BP, PK
19 Gretchin with 1 ruthered
2 X3 Killer cans with rocket, grotzooka, big shoota

Primary is kill points, secondary is quarters, third is objectives. Deployment Dawn of War. The kill points for my army are Rune priest, both long fang units, both rhinos of my 7 men grey hunters.

He puts his 2 mobz on the table with the big mek. I deploy nothing. He goes first and does the worst thing he could he spreads out and I know I just won right there. He deploys but trukks on the right, his BW in the center, gretchin and killer kans on the left. I move 2 empty razorbacks to face his trukks on the right a unit of long fangs dead center to bait a unit of boyz so they won't go help the other mob, everything else on the left to wipe 1 mob of boyz with the Big Mek attached. I shoot the crap out of the first unit of boyz and wait for the charge. His second turn he Waaghs to get charges off. The unit of boys that where already shot charge a unit of 7+1 grey hunters and I win combat by 1-2, his other mob kills my long fangs, his trukk boys stun one of the razorbacks on the right. My second turn I kill both trukks and his big mek and almost finish up his mob of orks but he rolls snake eyes on his leadership and stays (1 ork and one nob against 18-20 grey hunters). My scouts just make a nuissance of themselves and annoy the killer kans so they don't come over and support the mobz. His third turn nothing great happens except a unit of trukk boys failing there leadership after having blow apart the stunned razorback, my third turn I kill the second mob to 4 orks in the shooting phase and they run and kill 3 killer kans with 4 missiles all with the immobile result (go go vehicule squadrons). Forth turn ghazgull and mega nobz drop in my ranks, I feed them a unit of grey hunters and a land speeder then kill Ghazgull in the shooting phase. We stop the game here because there is no point playing the other rounds and time is almost called, I can feed him razorbacks and grey hunters all day without any being worth a KP.

Final score is I win with KP 4 to 2 (my rune priest ran off the table, he was with the grey hunters ghazgull ate for breakfast), Quarters are 0-0 and objectives are 2-0 for him.

Round 4

A friend of mine that I play against every two weeks with his CSM that we tuned the list together 3 days before the tournament with his available models.

His list (based on a 2000 point list by Stelek):

Deamon prince, MoS, Warptime, Wings
Sorcerer, Mos, Lash of Submission, Jump pack
(the 2 HQ are suposed to be sorcerers with warptime, lash, on a steed of slanesh)
2 X 5 chosen, 2 melta, 2 flamer, rhino with havoc launcher
4 X 5 Noise Marines with Blastmaster, rhino with havoc launcher
1 Predator, sponson lsacannons, havoc launcher
1 Predator, sponson lascannons

Primary is objectives, second is kill points, third is quarters. Deployement is Pitched Battle. I win the roll and go first.

To resume the game, my dice sucked and his where golden. My shooting did stuns on his tanks when I managed to hit, he blew my tanks apart one after the other. I failed 2 pinning tests on the same unit of long fangs on turns 2 and 3 to get eaten by his deamon prince. My second unit of long fangs ran off the table on turn 2 to his outflanking chosen by being shot and getting 2 killed. I managed to get 6 grey hunters killed charging his second outflanking chosen buy going through a wreck!!! (talk about luck). I'm getting totally owned and we both know it, he's feeling really lucky and is seeing the best general already. On my last turn I do move + run to try to get in position on the objectives but roll 1 or 2 for the runs so can't do much. On his last turn he does the same thing. He is on the center objective with a noise marine unit and I contest with my last rhino +grey hunters + rune priest, on his charge he manages to wreck/explode my rhino and get an other pinned result (lucky me). With my scouts I finish off a unit of noise marines+sorcerer and consolidate 4" to contest his objective with a lone wolf guard attached scout. So we mesure our units from the objectives and I control none on my side of the board and I contest both of his. We look up the rules if pinned units can control/contest an objective and we find nothing so we say they can.

Final score is objectives 0-0, kill points 4-3 for me and quarters are 1-1 so I WIN. This was really a good match.

We pack up and wait for the results. Bet Painted whent to Vincent Hudon my first round opponent (his paint job is really amazing and truelly deserved), best sport whent to my second round opponent with his dark eldar, best general whent tooooooo my round 4 opponent??? I'm the only one who has no loss what is going on!!! and finally best overall ME. I totally forgot that we could only win 1 prize so that explains why I didn't win best general. I looked at the results after and even if I had lost my last round I would have won best overall and my friend best general so all is well.

I had the third best score for paint, an average score for sportsmanship and 9 points out of 10 for comp and a perfect record for battle.

The MVPs of my list where the rune priest with living lightning and the scouts with the powerfist wielding wolf guards, everybody seemed to forget they came out from behind. Unlimited range is so strong when true line of sight is used, living lithning is sooooo amazing.

Hope you guys liked this report.

Next tournament coming up is in december for charity. The concept is pretty cool, you bring goods that you can use to cheat, 1 good allows a reroll, 3 makes a tank obscured, 10 makes you seize the iniative on 2+, 2 gives a unit +1 to an ability, etc. All goods go to a charity organization that distribute the goods to people in need before Christmas. I was last years champion with 93 goods backing up my army.

Have fun


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