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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Battle Report: Orks vs Wolves

Hi guys,

I am going to be covering a battle report sent in by one of our followers, A Wolf's Lunch.
Original email in italics, Orks turn in Green, Wolfs turn in blue, my comments in some other colour.

G'day Kirby [ahem], The Wolf's Lunch here.

Thought I'd go ahead and send you this battle report between me and a friend. Title says it all. Used three quarters of a table tennis table (well I did, the Ork Player decided to only use up the left hand side of the table). Unfortunately all our usual terrain was away at the club so we were left scrounging for whatever we had (yes, that building you'll see on the far east is BROKEN! It lost a fight with gravity).
Don't have the army lists, but by looking at the pictures, the orks had roughly:
Wazdakka with some Biker Boys (not Nobz)
A Warboss with his Nobz (incl. Painboy and grot orderly) 

On foot ? *shakes head*
A big mob of 30 'Ard Boys 30 'ard boys, on foot?
A small mob of 9 Lootas
Roughly 8 Tankbustaz
And some Stormboyz with that clawfoot guy, Zagstrukk?

I had a Wolf Lord pimped as always (Frost Blade, Storm Shield, Necklace, Warrior Born), in a Land Raider with 14 Blood Claws and a Wolf Guard.
A Rune Priest with a Chooser, Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane.
Two Squads of 8 Grey Hunters, one accompanied by the Rune Priest and a Frost Axe wielding Wolf Guard (Sig), the other by a Combi-Melta and Power Fist armed Wolf Guard (Arge). Both in rhinos.
Two squads of 6 Long Fangs with full Rockets.
And a sneaky squad of Wolf Scouts with suicidal tendencies.

Leto sat amongst the Blood Claws inside the armoured hide of his Land Raider Crusader. Closely behind them were two rhinos, which were protecting 16 odd Grey Hunters, Sigfried, Arge, and the Rune Priest Kage. On either flank of the tanks, two squads of Rocket Launcher weilding Long Fangs took up positions in a building to the far east, and a small hill to the west. Over the comm-net all the wolves were informed of the approaching Greenskins. Readying their weapons the order was made to prepare for imminent combat.

 The Orks marched forwards, Wazdakka and his bikers doing circles in the centre of the encampment making lots of noise and polluting the air around them. To the eastern side the Lootas and Tankbustaz were in a heated argument over who had the bigger gunz, while on the western side, a large mob of boyz had assembled and were moshing to the sounds of gunfire. The Warboss shouted loudly and marched into the middle of the Ork army and fired his large kustom shoota into the distance. The other Orks made loud whoops and screams as they fired their guns into the air at the sight of Space Wolves ahead!
The Wolves ceased their advance, waiting for the Orks to reach the critical point where a swift counter-attack would wipe them out with minimal Wolf casualties. After a few shots here and there from the rockets, 4 Lootas had been reduced to nothing.
The Orks surged forward, a Green Mass. The Lootas manage two shots per gun, but they were obviously shaken as each shot missed the target widely. No surprises here :)

In a violent set of explosions, the Eastern Long Fangs let loose with a volley of Frag Rockets into the Tankbustaz, inflicting 23 unsaveable wounds on the small squad. The Lootas, distracted by the sudden annihalation of the nearby Tankbustaz forget to check behind them as they are shot and charged by 6 angry Wolf Scouts, making short work of the Greenskins. A few Krak Rockets from the Western Fangs drop two of the Boys from the Green mass approaching them.
The sudden loss of all long ranged fire support enraged the Warboss who, continuing his advance towards the Space Wolf line, opened fire on the Scouts behind him, leaving just two alive. Wazdakka and his Bikers opened up on the Western Fangs, halving their bodycount. All of the Wolves held firm, ready to continue their assault. The Boyz decided they wanted to get there a bit quicker, and increased their pace.

The remaining scouts run at the Nobz in an attempt to slow their advance. They are promptly crushed into the ground but succeed in dragging the Nobz back a few possibly vital inches and killing a grot orderly. Grot Orderly's are wargear... so I hope he means took a FNP re-roll A little more shuffling from the Wolves followed buy some light gunfire takes a wound off both Wazdakka and the Biker Nob.
With a loud roar and a messy landing for one Stormboy who managed to land upside down as you do, Zagstrukk and his Orbital Drop Shock Troopers crashed into Kage's Rhino at the back of the tank formation, immobilising it and biting off the stormbolter. Wazdakka and his Bikerboys begin to close the gap, getting extremely close to the Wolves' tank formation, before downing a Long Fang with gunfire. The Boys surge towards the Long Fangs once more, and the Warboss and his Nobz continue their slow advance.

Suddenly all the transports roared to life, disembarking the entirety of the wolf army except for Rune Priest Kage, who stayed in his rhinobunker to provide some fire support. In a flurry of gunfire 6 Biker Boys fall off their bikes, the nearby Blood Claws, Land Raider Crusader and Grey Hunters letting loose with bolterfire. Kage's rhino must have been inspired in his presence as it's engines reanimated and prepared to roll to better support positions. The Grey Hunters that were with Kage made short work of the Stormboyz who were still shocked that they didn't make the tank go boom boom. Leto and his Blood Claws leapt forward and tore all the Boys from their Bikes and rended them to pieces.

The Orks were now on the backfoot, half their army completely wiped out, with esentially all of the Wolves still alive. The Power Armoured Space Puppies outnumbered the Orks 43-38. This isn't going to end well for someone... and I have a feeling its not the Wolves. Not bothered by this the Waaagh!! echoed across the battlefield and the large mob of boys smashed into the two surviving Long Fangs and obliterated them. The Nobz and Warboss rushed into Leto and his Blood Claws and despite causing more casualties, the Wolves won combat by wounding each model in the Nob Squad. The Wolf Lord toting 6 attacks for the next round of combat.
No more pictures here as it got a bit busy.

The celebrating 'Ard Boyz walked into a wave of gunfire from the Grey Hunters & Long Fangs, and were also caught up in a Murderous Hurricane, reducing their once massive hoard to a mere 11 Boys. 5 Nobz and 5 Claws died, but the Warboss also suffered a wound, tilting the combat yet again in the Wolves' favour, and bumping the Wolf Lord up to 8 attacks.
As the 'Ard Boys moved to support their Warboss against the wolves, 4 more fall as the icy Hurricane whips at their faces and limbs. Horribly outnumbered and severely outmatched, the Orks concede defeat and are wiped from the battlefield as if the Foot Troops didn't destroy them, the patiently awaiting Land Raider Crusader would, as they are out of reliable weaponry.
So a win for the wolves, 5-2 Killpoints. The lack of mobility of the Orks allowed the Wolves to dictate the battle, eliminating pretty much all of the Ork's anti tank esentially made the Land Raider invincible. Despite the one-sidedness of the battle it had the ability to turn at any moment, unfortunately the Orks missed out on some critical rolls (and the wolves made some for themselves).
If I were him I would have taken his Deff Koptaz instead of the Tankbustaz, and drop some boys and their 4+ armour for a Dread (He actually has quite a few Orks). He has said he will take his Trukk Boys next time. I think he'll be weary of the Wolves counter attack, he's a bit too used to me just charging headlong into his necrons and thought superior numbers would swamp me.
Best moment of the game was definitely 23 unsaveable frag rocket wounds from the Long Fangs on the Tankbustaz. Rolling the scatter dice and getting hits so many times is awesome, especially when afterwards you then wound with pretty much every dice.

Good battle report, nice flavour and feeling, you just need to get some sun on those Wolves, they are mighty white!

As for the Orks, with what he was facing there wasn't much he could do.

I would suggest almost everything TWL suggested:
Swap the Tankbustas for Deffkoptas
Drop the 'arb boys to normal boys, and back to 20 bodies (saving ~180 pts) which will buy 2 barebones Battlewagons.
Getting across the field mostly unmolested would have changed the outcome here big time!

Wolf's Lunch, get your mate to email me what he has model wise (if he is interested) and we will see if I can't get him to kick your ass beat you soundly.

As an aside, its well known that Wolves aren't an Ork's best friend, and this once again proves it!

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