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Friday, November 12, 2010

Email in: Modified ImmoSpam!

"Greets Kirby!

So I posed a question in the Chatbawks last night. I wanted to take your BA Immolator list (I imagine you will put a pink link here... and if not it would be cool if you put a pink link here) and see if anyone had changes they'd like to make, especially at 1850 as that's the local flavor. ManusCelerDei eventually settled on this one and I like how it looks but I wanted your opinions on it.

Infernus pistol, sanguine shield, sanguine sword (I'm inclined to make sword into Lance, despite not having a firepoint in the army for him to blast it from)
3 sanguinary priests-180
2 with infernus pistols
5 assault marines-140 x4 W/ TLHF Razorbacks
Infernus pistol/power weapon sergeant, 1 melta gun
5 scouts-100
Sniper Rifles, Camo cloaks, 1 missile launcher
Baal predator-140 x3
Twin linked assault cannon, two heavy flamers.
5 Dev marines-130 4MLx3

The one thing I was sitting here kicking around was whether it needed the first turn HK or not. If you could also provide some deployment ideas I'd appreciate it.


Linked =D. I think I need to re-visit that list though...

A HK salvo would be nice to open things up but there is the trade-off of moving 18". However, I would changed the Devs back to Rifledreads. It helps add to saturation and adds some mobility but importantly, Dreads can see over Rhino/RBack/Pred chassis. Whilst you can obviously deploy the Devs/Dreads up on hills, in ruins, etc. to improve LoS, this restricts their placement and allows your opponent to predict it and unfortunately, not all tables will have the appropriate terrain features. Dreads basically ignore this and will be able to gain cover in return. Whilst you lose somefirepower, the Dreads are more reliable at low AV suppression which this list really needs IMO. Dropping them down to 120 point Dreads also gives you points for HKM on 6 tanks.
That being said it's pretty solid in list terms. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the Baal setup. The TLAC obviously gives you more ranged firepower than the Flamestorms but the sponsons...hmmm. Not sure on them, as you're rarely going to be able to fire both and when you can it's generally much better to swing round and fire one. I think with the Baals I'd leave them naked and either go Flamestorm or TLAC turret and skimp on the sponsons. 3 Priests is also very excessive; two max if you really want them but not sure that you need it. I'd rather see an HG squad or two in Rhinos to give you FNP/FC bubbles and meltaguns (from a top hatch). With the points saved from dropping the sponsons on the Baals you should be able to convert the 3 Priests into an HQ squad in a Rhino with some meltaguns. You can use the extra points to probably grab another ASM RBack squad but that would be very tight unless you drop the PWeapons (which I'd be fine with ^^). Otherwise add in some upgrades like HKM, dozers, another Priest, etc.

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