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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MotF List 1: Thunderbubble Dreads

I'll tell you the truth, google told me to do a post on this as it's been searched quite a bit in relation to 3++ lately. Thanks google <3. Based on our previous analysis of the Forgelord (Master of the Forge) we are going to be using him in a bunch of lists to show he can be used to make competitive lists that are different and similar to those before. The first one is a Thunderbubble divergence. Recalling Thunderbubble (BTW, thanks Ron from FTW for linking my How To!) it's essentially a long-ranged SM gunline built around protection from a Terminator bubble-wrap (i.e. big scary unit). The list utilises the defenses provided by the Terminators and multiple, long-ranged tank platforms to suppress and destroy the enemy. This same concept will be envisioned with Thunderbubble Dreads but with more Dreads.

So we obviously need to start off with a MotF and we come to one of the problems, where to put him? He's not too useful in a RBack unlike a Libby and he's not going to fit into a Rhino unless we forcibly combat squad a Tac squad which we don't want to be forced into. In Thunderbubble he can hang with the Terminators but without any option for an invul this could be problematic and we don't want him running around solo with a CB on a Bike even though it'd be awesome. A plain old bike would be nice to keep up with Mech and hide in a mech castle to repair a bunch of tanks but that's a pretty expensive use for him. So for the moment we'll just run him bare and presume he'll hang with Terminators or in an RBack. We need the Terminators too so 500 points gone (10x TH/SS).

We've now got the option to take up to five Dreads and we want as much long-ranged firepower as possible. 5x Rifledread please and sets us back 625 points. This makes our army very deadly against low AV10-11, mobile in being able to fire both weapons whilst on the move and has excellent suppression rating against most AVs but isn't too good at stopping high AV armies. To back up this mass of reliable S7 then we want some higher strength shots and melta. We'll take 3 MM/HF Speeders to provide some mobility outside of the bubble, deep-strike disruption, blocking ability and importantly mobile MMs. We could take Typhoons here but we'd really be suffering on the melta front there. Attack Bikes are another option but the extra mobility provided by the Speeders is essential in this type of list. This sets us back 210 points leaving us 665 to play with and only Troop FoC and HQ left. A Libby would be very nice and would improve the Terminators extensively with Gate + Null Zone but we also need to provide some more high strength ranged firepower.

We can do this two ways through Tacticals. Your standard flamer/mm/Rhino Tac x3 (615) or some LasPlas squads (165 each). I'd lean towards the LasPlas RBacks here to provide ~4 lascannons to supplement the mass of S7 from the Dreads but the Rhino Tacticals are an option as well and leave some points for upgrades elsewhere (MotF on Bike w/CB perhaps? HKM spam. combis. TLLC on Dreads...ew). With 665 points we can take 4 LasPlas RBack squads with 5 points to spare and gives us the following:

Master of the Forge
10x Terminators w/TH, SS
2x Dreadnought w/2x TL-autocannon
4x5x Tacticals w/RBack w/LasPlas
3x Speeders w/MM, HF
3x Dreadnought w/2x TL-autocannon

Totals: 1995 points
31 infantry
12 vehicles

In comparison to the original Thunderbubble list there is less high strength firepower (no ACLC Preds) but a lot more mobility (no ACLC Preds) whilst still maintaining a similar scoring presence. The Terminators are slightly worse with no Null Zone but still crush face and the utility of the MotF is less than the Libby (no psychic defense, Null Zone, etc.) but is quite capable of providing some combat prowess and keeping the mech aspect of the army rolling for that little bit longer.

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