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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Centurion draws near...

Just a friendly reminder to all you guy who are looking at coming to Centurion:

January 31st is the cutoff date for lists and payment to secure your spot.

That's right, less than a month until you need your lists done (for points checking etc)!
If you were going to ask the Pink Guy for a hand, get your finger out and email it in.

Tonight I will be doing the downloadable PDF version of the player pack in all its pretty colours and new fandangle-ness, so look out!

For the rest of you (at least the Aussie contingent) who have exactly no idea what I am talking about....

CENTURION is Central Queensland's, and probably both Queensland and Australia's first dedicated no-comp tournament. This event will rank players on games won and lost, not battle points achieved. Winners play winners, until only one undefeated player remains. This person is the CENTURION. The CENTURION is the undisputed winner of the tournament, and takes the honour of being the undefeated player of the event.

Information Pack 1.0:

The Information Pack will change a little between now and the event, but nothing that hasn't been explained here before.

Anyway, time's a-ticking!

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