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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Something non-Hobby related + Centurion

So many of you may be aware that some of us authors are Aussies...
Some more of you may be aware of this:
Well, a few of the Aussie guys know, but I live 10km south of Rockhampton, which is where all that floodwater is cruising down towards. At 7pm local time the floodwaters have cut me off from Rocky (what us locals call it). However, instead of people asking me "are you safe", "is everything OK?", "Can I send wads of cash to help?", they are all asking
Is Centurion still on? I so did ask.

Well to make you all happy go lucky I can confirm the following:

1. The airport is currently under water (or will be by the time many of you read this) but will be re-opened by March.
2. The location of Centurion is safe from all but the worst floods, by that I mean the city is washed away.
3. I am safe and dry and will be rather bored for a while as I can't (conviently) get to work
4. Centurion is still on, pending scenes from a proper proper disaster movie.

Finally, if you want to send donations of cash or minis, I will be sitting here madly hobby-ing away with nothing really better to do! Australia really does have everything. Cyclones, bushfires, floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, killer spiders/snakes/dogs/flyinginsects/ants/marsupials/jellyfish/sharks/fishthatlooklikestones/dropbears/birdsthatkickthroughsteel/etc... hmm we don't see many tornados though!

1991 Flood, this flood will be worse. This is a photo of the main road into Rocky, Highway 1

Some of the water we expect to see. This is the main highway heading west.

1991 Flood, this will be worse.

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