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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Email in: Looking to make a Dread list

"Hello Kirby and the gang at 3++

I'm a relatively new reader, but 3++ has quickly become my favorite 40k blog. I've found your articles to be well written, witty, informative and useful - they've already paid off in some of my recent games.

Glad you're liking it. We do try out wit out though I'm sure most of our English teachers back from kiddie-school would hate us. I certainly know I would cringe if I got some of these as papers for marking...

So on to my question...


Sorry - just had to yell that. I love dreadnaughts - not just their stats (which vary depending on type and loadouts) - but the idea of them and their models. So, for the first time I'm thinking about running a Dreadnaught spam (for lack of a better term) list.

My question is this: What codex would you use? Obviously you have 3 choices:
1) Space Wolves, 4 dreads possible (not very spammy)
2) Vanilla, 6 dreads possible
3) Blood Angels - technically 11 possible, but that would be a bit silly with no scoring units..

So what codex/build out would be the best/most competitive codex/list for putting as many Walking Boxes Of Doom on the board?


-- Andy Akins"

2 or 3. Vanilla does a very 'basic' and not very exciting Dreadnought list in terms of what each Dreadnought (and the list in general) does but is probably the more competitive of the two (by a hair). You can check this list out here which uses the MotF, MM Dreads and Tactical squads to dominate midfield. I'd say this list is mildly more competitive than the BA list as whilst you are less offensive on the Drop (no Blood Lance backed up by assault squads), you've got more mobile MMs which really helps against faster armies which want to keep away from you.

The Blood Angel list has more variety in terms of what squads are coming down and more assault power with better combat Dreadnoughts and Assault Marines (potentially with FNP/FC) instead of Tactical Marines. As discussed above though, there is less mobile/ranged firepower with only 3 MM Dreads compared to 6. This isn't really a huge factor with all the meltaguns in the army but against fast armies can be problematic (particularly Eldar). That being said there are also a lot more options for this list in terms of diversification and tweaking to personal preference.

Hope that gives you some ideas Andy and goodluck building the list. It will be very expensive with all the Drop Pods needed and would love to see pictures if you end up building it.

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