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Monday, April 25, 2011

Da Horde Returnz

I feel terrible for not keeping the Ork stuff going, but once more life takes over.

I am going though the 6th month of my #2 bub's pregnancy (no, I'm the Dad not the Mum, but I still have to live with it), a new car we picked up on Friday, starting a new job in 3 weeks and a whole host of other stuff that really is neither here nor there, but all adds up to - I get 1 hour of painting every other night and I haven't seen the value in using it to write a blog post when I have projects to complete.
Anyway, without further ado, the reason I have been painting is so that I can re-complete the MVB list I am running for this year's Tourney Season.
This is also the list that Archnomad ran @ Centurion. It's in the archives somewhere.
0/10 Comp, here we come!

These photos are taken on a shelf for scale. The shelf is 11 inches deep, and 47 inches long, so basically 1ftx4ft. I have deployed everything for "display" as you would at a Tournament to give you some idea of just how nutso this army is.

[PIC HEAVY] Some of these are doozies!

Full Pic (~4.4mb in Hi Res)

Left side


Right Side

P.S. I know the boss will tell me this should go on the other side, but welcome to what I will affectionately call Ork Week, as there should be a few more Greenskin posts coming in from me over the next few days, pending scheduling.

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