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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sooooo I'm in the midst of doing my NOVA write up (Gramps hit up most of my "Good, Bad, and Ugly" points in his article so my first article will go over Battle 1 and touch on a few things I have in addition to what Gramps said. In the interim though, my gaming group and I have decided to take the next few month or so off of competitive 40K and start a fun and relaxing Necromunda Campaign. What is Necromunda you ask? Well GWvsJohn wrote some excellent basic intro article earlier linked here, here, here, and here. Basic gist of it is a 40K "skirmish" game where you control a "gang" of anywhere between 3 and 12+ Gang members. Like the 5th Ed Battle Missions scenario "Kill Team", every model you have is basically an independent character - they move by themselves, don't need to maintain coherency, and can shoot whatever they want. Since most gangs are between (usually) 8-12 gang members, games go by quickly, with the average game lasting maybe 90 minutes.

With all that said, I've decided to use the upcoming table top Necromunda campaign as an excuse to start building my Elysians and to really let out my modeling/creative side. Since I only need 10-12 models for Necro, it means I can really convert and give life to one of my Elysians squads, who will just happen to be my Necro gang. As for my gang (both in real life and in the Vassal Necro Campaign we're starting) my gang is an Orlock gang called "The Bug Hunters". Here's their breakdown:

SGT Al Apone (Gang Leader) - Flamer, Chainsword, Knife - 185
PVT Mark Drake (Heavy) - Heavy Stubber, Autopistol, Knife - 195
PVT Jeanette Vasquez (Heavy) - Heavy Stubber, Autopistol, Knife - 195
Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Ganger) - Shotgun, Man-Stopper Rounds, Autopistol, Knife - 90
PVT Will Hudson (Ganger) - Autogun, Autopistol, Knife - 85
PVT Will Ricco Frost (Ganger) - Autogun, Autopistol, Knife - 85
PVT Trevor Wierzbowski (Juve) - Autopistol, Maul, Knife - 50
LT Will Gorman (Juve) - Autopistol, Maul, Knife - 50

Total Cred: 935

+10 Cool Points to whoever identifies the theme first. Anyway, here's the first two models. Lemme know what ya think!

And last but not least:

The guy on the left running with the shotgun is CPL Hicks. The guy crouching on the right with the Xenomorph coming out of the floor is Frosty. I accidentally broke the barrel off of his autogun/bullpup lasgun, but I realized the broken barrel version looks much more like the M41A Pulse Rifle used by the Colonial Marines soooo I let it slide. I actually might break all the barrels off the guys in this squad to give it that feel. Eventually they'll become just a souped up converted squad in my Elysian army list, but until then....they're THE BUG HUNTERS!

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