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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Night Lords Mark II - Bloodhammer

Hey guys, so Kirby really, really wanted me to try out Jumpers with Devastators as support (aka Bloodhammer). You know, so he had an actual competitive list rather than one which was pretty good. So after much procrastination, and a few failures on the tabletop, I gave in and was able to make 12 missile launcher Night Lords and a foot priest as well as 3 champions.

A little re-jig of my pure Jumpers list to add the devs and hopefully it should perform better on the TT with some much needed long range support. So I dropped 1 VVets squad and the Honour Guard and added 3x5 Dev squads with 4 MLs each, a foot priest and finally kept a unit of VVets to add some punch in CC and hopefully break bubblewraps. And I changed Blood Lance to Unleash Rage as I never seem to get much out of the lance with the libby. Importantly, this type of list can start on the board and have early ranged threats which the pure jumpers sorely lacked.

Anywho, here is the new 1750 list that I am planning to take to Emperor's Legion the weekend after this one (Kirby is coming too - ATC and EL in consecutive weekends, what a machine!)

1750 Night Lords (Counts As Blood Angels - aka Haters Gonna Hate)

Librarian - Unleash Rage, Shield, JP
3 x 10 ASM - 2 MGs, PF, Infernus Pistol
3 x 5 Devastators - 4 MLs
1 x 3 Priests - 2 LC, JP, 1 regular on foot
1 x 5 VVets - 2 w/ LC, SS, 1 w/ PF, 2 regular

1740 according to my calculations. 10 points might give me a combi-melta or something on the Libby. So thats that pinkies, hopefully I will have piccies up on weekend of the finished additions :) So C&C on the list? 10 points - what to do? Counts as, are they still hatin'?

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