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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Email in: triple-raider, sort of


"Hello Kirby

Well, okay it's not tripple-raider per se, but that's because I don't have a third 'Raider.
Regardless, it does have 2 Land Raiders and a Storm Raven, so it's gimmicky still in that sense of 'hope they can't kill three heavy vehicles.' I know that these lists don't work very well, and Blood Angels particularly have a problem with them as their support(ie. rhinos) are more expensive, but what the hell I have the models so I should probably use them somehow outside of Apocalypse.

It's a bit of a jumble, mostly as I only have 10 Assault Marines sans jump packs, but this is what I have so far:

Librarian w. Shield od Sanguinius and Sanguine Sword

2 Sanguinary Priests

5 Sternguard Veterans w. 2 combi-meltas and a heavy flamer
Rhino dedicated Transport

5 Assault Terminators w. 3 Thunderhammers and Storm Sheilds
Land Raider Redeemer Dedicated Transport

10 Tactical Marines w. power fist, flamer, mulit-melta

10 Tactical Marines w. combi-melta, flamer, multi-melta
Rhino Transport

7 Assault Marines w. 2 infernus pistols
Land Raider Dedicated Transport

Land Speeder w. heavy flamer and multi-melta

Attack Bike w. multi-melta

Storm Raven Gunship w. twinlinked multi-melta, twinlinked plasmacannon, extra armor

Total: 1991 pts.

The Libby and one priest are goign to ride around with the Assault Squad, and the Tactical Squad without a Rhino is going to hitch a ride in the Storm Raven.
The Assault Squad is only at 7 because they are a pseudo-torrent unit and by the time I started working them in I was low on point and frankly I can't think of a clever way to fit more of them in.

Thanks for your time and all the best,


Blood Angels are actually an army that can do the whole concept of three Land Raiders pretty well. It's something that is really only going to work at higher points (i.e. 2000) but can work reasonably well. There are a couple ways to run this in what you put within the Land Raiders - obviously you want to run some TH/SS and a minimum of 10 to fill two Land Raiders but how you run the third can be run in two ways - scoring with ASM or extra TH/SS. Personally I'd go with the scoring option.

You've then got about 1300-1400 points tied up in your Libby, TH/SS, 3 Land Raiders, small ASM and at least one Priest so the rest of the points need to go into support. Units like ASM in Razorbacks, Land Speeders and Rifledreads will provide cheap firepower, scoring potential and extra saturation. You'll end up having around 6-8 vehicles depending how you spend your extra points and only around 20-30 infantry but you do have the very strong presence of three Land Raiders which can be filled with scoring units.

You're going to have some issues against certain armies (i.e. Dark Eldar) who can trash your army from afar but not many armies can do this against three AV14 tanks. Personally it's eh because it's going to be a rock list and I'm never a fan - if your opponent doesn't have enough melta you're going to punish them but if they do (even if they don't have ranged pewpew), there's only so much you can do to mitigate this though application of Crynn's recent article will greatly help this.

If you don't want to buy the extra Land Raider (I don't blame you), you can use the Stormraven for more mobility/less durability but it can lead the spearhead against melta armies if you push forward. Lean away from the expensive-ish units like Sternguard though and apply the same principles outlined above for surrounding the three units with support.

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